Twitter Gets HEATED Over Adam Levine’s Wild Alleged Cheating Scandal — See The Reactions!!

Instagram model Sumner Stroh just levied some serious allegations against Adam Levine, and now the world is reacting!

As we reported, on Monday, the social media influencer released a shocking TikTok in which she claimed to have had an affair with Adam. Normally a reveal like this would be enough to draw headlines — but this wasn’t even the craziest part of the story! She went on to claim after the relationship was done, the Maroon 5 frontman reached out to her to ask if he could name his third child with his wife Behati Prinsloo after his mistress! WHAT?!

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ICYMI, catch up on the drama (below)!


embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Sumner Stroh

Just hours after the video hit the internet, viewers took to sharing their candid reactions to the truly surprising accusations, and interestingly, almost everyone is getting their turn in the hot seat! Obviously, Adam is taking the brunt of the heat — and for good reason, if these rumors are true! Haters reacted by writing on Twitter:


“can’t believe y’all are canceling Adam Levine for being a cheater and not for making an entire song about using a pay phone in the year 2012”

“im not surprised adam levine had an affair but why the f**k would you name your baby after the girl you had an affair with….”

“the fact that adam levine cheated on his wife who’s a f**king Victoria’s Secret model with some random instagram girl is INSANE”

Others are mourning the downfall of so many iconic couples, adding:

“adam levine cheating on his victoria’s secret model wife… Jay Z on BeyoncéGerard Pique on Shakira… you can be the most beautiful most talented most successful woman in the world and it won’t matter bc men who are gonna cheat are gonna cheat”

Nobody’s safe!!

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And we mean that in more ways than one! Just because Adam is reportedly the one in the wrong here, not everyone thinks Sumner should be let off the hook! Another section of the world wide web had some THOUGHTS for the other woman, chiming in:

“Adam Levine is dead wrong for what he did, but this girl needs to take accountability. One google search would’ve shown he was married, so I don’t understand how he manipulated you into an affair for a year? Only victim is the wife and children. Like bffr”

“Abhorrent behavior to cheat on your wife and try to name your baby after your mistress if you’re Adam Levine. But equally valid point – the mistress is not the victim for cheating with a very famous married man. You can’t be a victim only because the story leaked out.”

“adam def going straight to hell, but so is she for tryna act like a manipulated victim. ‘he’s elevator music now so everyone should know who adam levine is’ um exactly… you knew who this man was and that he was married when you met him, but continued an affair for a year?”

“Darling you f**ked a famous man because you wanted to, don’t do the whole ‘young dumb, naive’ excuse, you were old enough to know to now that sleeping with married people is wrong , your ego liked attention, Adam Levine is a hoe & so are you. Take accountability”


As we said, nobody was off limits! Except for Behati, who we are feeling for! What do YOU think about this potential cheating scandal?! You know what to do — sound OFF (below)!

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