Twitch Star Amouranth Revealed She’s Married — And Claims She’s Being Abused By Her Husband

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Streaming superstar Amouranth revealed over the weekend she’s secretly married — but the reasoning behind her shocking reveal is heartbreaking…

The streamer, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, is one of the most well-known streamers on Twitch. She regularly does ASMR and video game livestreams — AND she makes content for her OnlyFans account — where she has become widely successful with over 11.5 MILLION followers on the platforms combined. She’s known for keeping her private life, well, private, but she shocked her viewers Saturday night by revealing she’s secretly been married for quite some time.

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While streaming, the model muted her microphone to take a call but eventually unmuted so everyone could hear what was going on. In the clip, she can be heard asking the person on the other end of the line:

“Why did you say you were going to kill my dogs?”


In response, a male voice replies to her on the phone call telling her to leave the house. This is where the 28-year-old says the reason her dogs are being threatened:

“What are you saying? You just said you were going to kill my dogs if I didn’t do a 24-hour stream.”

The unnamed man, more aggressive than before, begins to yell and call her a liar — to which Siragusa gets distressed and starts to cry. The rest of the video only gets more upsetting as he continues to yell and threaten her before the phone call ends. Just awful…

You can see the video for yourself (below), but be warned it’s extremely graphic, so watch at your own discretion:

In a second clip which was also uploaded to Twitter, the streamer can be seen wiping her tears and explaining to her audience the man they just heard was her husband who has been adamant on keeping their relationship a secret even though she said it would “be easier” if they weren’t so private. In a third clip, the social media star says a therapist told her husband at some point his abuse was equal to “a fancy prison” due to their joint bank accounts, his constant threats to “ruin” their financial situation, and his access to all of her social media:

“The therapist even told him that it’s a form of emotional abuse and that I’m basically living in a fancy prison … It keeps you there with the fear and the threats if you’re going to do something to your animals, and then he’s nice again and says everything is going to be ok.”

How horrific! But sadly, in a fourth video, she says the abuse only goes deeper…

In a final clip, Kaitlyn shows screenshots of text messages she says are between her and her husband. She claims her phone died so she couldn’t respond to him right away, which caused him to lash out and insult her for not getting a response in a timely manner. In the texts, there’s also a threat to ruin her career and throw out her luggage.

Those messages are just nauseating…

At the end of the stream, the YouTuber gets a call from someone people suspect is her assistant who asks if she’s taken her medicine. She seems confused by this question while in the background the door can be seen opening behind her. In a scene that looks like it’s straight from a horror movie, just as the door begins to open, the stream dies.

See the harrowing clip for yourself (below):

Absolutely chilling. As of Monday, Amouranth’s account made a tweet with a link to her Twitch simply stating “talk”. The video never went live, however, and only stayed on a screen which said “starting soon”. Fans only grew more concerned when a few minutes later, the account tweeted:

“someone called cops, be back later”

Due to her husband allegedly having access to her socials and threatening to tweet from her account before, many followers are skeptical of this response — especially since she never actually got to go live. No one has laid eyes on her since the moment her stream ended Saturday. It makes sense to be unsure if she’s actually the one who made these tweets or not. So, so scary…

This is an absolutely horrifying situation. Our hearts are with Kaitlyn and we truly hope she’s safe right now.

If you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence, help can be found by calling 800-799-7233 or texting START to 88788. Additional resources can be found at

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