Try Guy’s Wife Says She Saw James Corden Screaming At Busboy In ANOTHER Restaurant!

Yeah, we were waiting on this one.

Ever since the announcement that James Corden was banned from NYC hot spot Balthazar, we’ve been expecting the other shoe to drop. Owner Keith McNally didn’t just call the Late Late Show host a “tiny cretin of a man” out of nowhere — the exile was based on multiple very specific incidents in which Corden was cruel to staff.

Sure, a couple restaurateurs may have gotten his back and said they never saw him being a jerk in their establishments. But this kind of thing is rarely an isolated incident. Heck, it wasn’t even a single time at Balthazar! No, when people see servers as beneath them, they tend to mistreat a lot of people, everywhere they go. As far as how he treats his TV underlings, we’re sure we’ll hear about that later… But as far as we were concerned, it was only a matter of time before we heard about more eatery incidents.

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Of course, most folks in the service industry practice discretion — hence you not hearing about bitchy celebs ALL THE TIME. But that code of silence does not extend to witnesses! And the source of this story is an unexpected one…

Becky Habersberger is the wife of Keith Habersberger, one of the Try Guys.

Keith Habersberger of the Try Guys YouTube
He’s this one. We’re pretty sure… / (c) Try Guys/YouTube

Becky took to her TikTok on Tuesday to share her own celeb encounter story with Corden. She begins by explaining that she was a waitress in Beverly Hills for a couple years and remembers EVERY time a celeb was “total trash” — so she’s “not surprised about this James Corden information coming out because if you are rude to one server, you’re absolutely rude to many servers.” 100% what we were saying.

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This time, however, Becky was just a passerby, “walking down the street going to a happy hour with a girlfriend. That street must have been Hillhurst because she passed Little Dom’s, a fantastic little Italian restaurant in the Los Feliz neighborhood of El Lay. As she and her GF are walking by, she recalls, James Corden walked out — and she got excited right away by the “celebrity sighting.” But things went south right away:

“As I’m approaching I hear James Corden yelling at this busboy.”

Being nosy, she got closer to listen in on what was going on:

“I overhear the busboy telling James Corden that Little Dom’s is closed right now.”

As she explains, Little Dom’s, like a lot of restaurants, “close in the middle of the day between lunch and dinner.” The poor busboy is “telling James Corden he can get him a reservation right when they open,” Becky explains:

“He was trying to be really accommodating.”

But the comedian wasn’t having it. Becky, with a pretty great impression of the late night host, recounts:

“James Corden yells at this bus boy, ‘A lot of good that does me, mate, a lot of good that does me!’”

Hilariously, she says she and her friend have been shouting the diva-tastic phrase at one another ever since! See her whole story (below):


*James Corden story time*

♬ original sound – Becksmecks2

Becky ended with a great point. Reminding that the whole problem is how Corden treats the “little people,” she said she doesn’t think he’s really sorry despite his non-public apology — “because if he was really sorry he would have apologized to the server and not the owner of the restaurant.” Hell yeah, gurl!

Here’s the thing, and this goes for more than just celebrities. Even if you’re a jerk, do yourself a favor and be kind anyway. Why? THESE PEOPLE ARE HANDLING YOUR FOOD!

You think foreign delicacies are gross on your little Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts game? We’ve got news for you, James, if you’ve been an a-hole to restaurant staff this long, you’ve ingested much, much worse over the years. OK, bye!

[Image via Becky Habersberger/TikTok/Try Guys/Late Late Show/YouTube.]

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