Trump Boasts About Support Of ‘Great Family’ — But Melania & Ivanka Weren’t There To Hear It!

Donald Trump made a big speech to all his supporters at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night. Well, wait… all of his supporters??

In his first speech since the arraignment, the former POTUS responded to his arrest with less vitriol than we expected — we guess he tuckered himself out on that end with his Truth Social posts. In front of a group of gathered followers in the ballroom of his Palm Beach resort, Trump boasted about what a great man he was — and what a great family he had, saying:

“I built a great business with my family, a fantastic business… I have a son here who has done a great job, and I have another son here who has done a great job. And Tiffany, and Ivanka. And Barron will be great someday. He is tall, he is tall and he’s smart… But I have a great family and they have done a fantastic job and we appreciate it very much. They have gone through hell.”

Yep even Barron Trump got a shoutout for being so tall!

Most of Trump’s family were in the front row: Eric Trump and his wife Lara, Donald Trump Jr and his fiancé — Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, Tiffany Trump and her husband.

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But two members of the fam were notably absent. Donald mentioned daughter Ivanka Trump, but she wasn’t there. In fact, she hasn’t been there to support Daddy in some time. Remember, she wasn’t at his official 2024 announcement either! And when he was finally indicted, her statement was… well, diplomatic, let’s say. Or at least she didn’t join in with his other sycophantic supporters in calling it an all-caps WITCH HUNT.

The other member, of course? Melania Trump. She notably wasn’t by his side as he pleaded not guilty to charges arising from his hush money payment to the adult film star he allegedly raw-dogged early on in their marriage. But heck, that was all the way in New York City! She lives in Palm Beach now, baby! That would have been a hassle and a half! So obviously she was there to greet him when he came home, right? And held his hand on stage? Stood in the crowd and cheered?

Yeah, not so much. But hey, that was all the way… downstairs. OK, yeah, it doesn’t look great.

Where was she? Well, it could be she just doesn’t support Donald in all this. After all, she was nursing the someday great baby Barron when her husband was off plowing a porn star that time. The thing he was allegedly trying to cover up just before the 2016 election. And a source who knows her down in her new Florida home told People last month she was NOT over the whole thing. They claimed “she doesn’t sympathize with Donald’s plight”:

“She remains angry and doesn’t want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned.”

So maybe having to be in a room full of people — and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz — all talking about the one particular Trump scandal she still holds a grudge over? Maybe she just didn’t feel like it.

Melania pretty notably has not released a statement officially about her husband’s indictment. But ignoring it is making a statement in its own way. And that statement ain’t one of support. Just sayin’.

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