Tristan Thompson STILL ‘Wants To Make It Work’ With Khloé Kardashian Despite His History, And She…

Tristan Thompson is going to do whatever it takes to win Khloé Kardashian‘s heart back.

If it feels to you like we’ve written that sentence about 78 times in the last couple years, well, yes, we agree. This man is STILL at it with the reconciliation hopes and dreams, y’all. And as it turns out, Khloé’s recent Instagram post, in which she fawned over Tristan’s talents as a father on his 32nd birthday, has only added fuel to the rekindled fire!

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On Tuesday evening, Us Weekly published a new report about the ex-NBA star’s romantic desires. In it, an insider confirmed what we’ve long known: Tristan wants to get back with Khloé! Despite the cheating, and seeing how awful the Maralee Nichols situation really was as it played out on The Kardashians, the former hoop star hasn’t given up on the reality TV maven.

This insider explained Tristan and Khloé have not gotten back together officially or anything. However, he apparently has his sights set on that happening sometime soon:

“Tristan is always trying to get Khloé back, he still loves her and wants to make it work between them. They’re friends and great coparents, but he wants more.”


We could write a literal book covering the shady s**t Tristan got up to while breaking Khloé’s heart the first (million) time(s) around. And yet he still is hoping for more?! Does this man have no shame??

But as they say, it takes two to tango. So despite the ex-Chicago Bulls star’s apparent relationship goals, it doesn’t matter much if the Good American founder doesn’t reciprocate. And Khloé definitely isn’t going to reciprocate. Er, right?

In their next breath, this week’s insider offered Khloé’s apparent take on any future romantic comeback. For the record, the source confirmed the co-parents are not “back together” right now. But even so, it sounds like the Revenge Body alum is being very, very conciliatory to a man who has literally put her through emotional hell:

“Despite whatever happened between them, she has decided to focus on the positive because her children are the most important people in her life. She’s able to separate their past and appreciates the way he shows up for his kids.”

That’s nice in one regard. It makes sense that the 38-year-old reality TV veteran is focused on the two kids she shares with Tristan — 4-year-old daughter True and a 7-month-old baby boy whose name has not been revealed. But it might not be wise to get too comfortable, Khloé. After all, Tristan’s history is really something

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If you’re wondering why this is all popping up again now, it’s because of the IG post. As we referenced up top, earlier this week, the KUWTK alum fawned over Tristan’s role as her “baby daddy” while celebrating his birthday. She turned comments off on that post at the time, because she knew it’d be a total s**t show. Fans still found a way to come for her, though. They ended up delivering their anti-Tristan commentary on another one of her Instagram posts.

For Khloé, hearing from the peanut gallery like that is less than ideal. This new source said she turned off comments on the Tristan tribute because “people will come for her” whenever she posts anything about Thompson. Which, um, yeah. But that frustrates her, the insider explained,  and she wants to make her co-parenting support known no matter what:

“Khloé will never not support Tristan because he’s the father of her two kids. Khloé called him the ‘best father’ because that’s how she feels and she will always stand by that.”

Again, the smooth co-parenting aspect of this is great. Snaps and claps for a loving family!!

But romantically, this honestly feels like one of those “if you give a mouse a cookie” situations. Tristan has been endlessly trying to wiggle his way back into Khloé’s romantic life after causing her a LOT of pain in the past. From our perspective, taking him back again might not be the wisest move.

Just saying!!

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