Travis Kelce Had THIS To Say About Getting Booed By Basketball Fans In Dallas Over The Weekend!

Travis Kelce had to deal with the boo birds — and he wasn’t expecting it!

Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend went out over the weekend to an NBA playoff game to see the Dallas Mavericks hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Lone Star state. But when the camera panned over to Travis, who was sitting next to his teammate, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the arena ERUPTED with boos! Now, he’s reacting to it. And he was surprised AF!!

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On Wednesday morning’s new episode of his and big brother Jason Kelce‘s New Heights podcast, Travis acknowledged being jeered by fans in Dallas:

“I got booed twice. It’s whatever. I get it.”

The boos didn’t totally make sense to him, though. For one, he’s from the Cleveland area — so, not necessarily a Dallas rival city. But he mused:

“I’m not from Dallas, I’m just kinda like an innocent bystander. Maybe they just don’t like the Chiefs, I don’t know.”

Now, Mahomes was very loudly cheered after the boos died down for Travis. That makes sense, at least. Pat played football for Texas Tech, and he is originally from Tyler, Texas. So he’s a home state hero! Travis conceded that much:

“I got caught off guard. I was trying to take a selfie with some people around me and Pat kinda like taps me, and I’m like, ‘what’s up?’ like, ‘oh s**t , I’m on the Jumbotron!’ And then I heard all the boos and I’m like, ‘oh s**t, I’m getting booed! Alright, thanks! Nice to see you guys, Dallas. Appreciate the warm welcome.’ And then they showed Pat and everybody’s like, ‘Yeah!’ Hometown kid, man. Best football player in the world.”

But despite all the boos, Travis had nothing but good things to say about the Big D! Not only did he attend the Mavs game over the weekend, but he also showed out for an NHL playoff game in the city between the Dallas Stars and the Edmonton Oilers. Recalling how fun the arena was for both games, he said:

“Everybody was f**king awesome. Dallas is about as legit of a sports town as it gets. Both those games had the arena absolutely rockin’, man.”

Pretty kind words from a dude who just got done being booed by an entire arena! Just saying!! You can watch the whole brand-new podcast episode (below):

Thoughts, y’all??

[Image via New Heights/YouTube/Dallas Mavericks/Twitter]

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