Tori Spelling Reveals Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife’s Daughter Is Living With Them Amid Family Feud!

Well, well, well. Is this why Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling, and his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace are feuding?!

As Perezcious readers know, Dean and Mary Jo had a major falling out after trying to co-host the Ex’s & Uh-Ohs podcast together. Things got so bad, their son, Jack, actually reacted to the drama and stood in defense of Tori and their “blended family” — which makes these latest comments even more inneresting!

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In the latest episode of Bethenny Frankel’s podcast ReWives out on Monday, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star revealed she has an extra member of her extended family joining her this holiday season. She dished:

“It’s currently the Christmas season and I have seven kids right now.”

If you’re doing the math, that’s one additional member. Tori and Dean share sons Liam, 15, Finn, 10, and Beau 5, and daughters Stella, 14, and Hattie, 11. Then there’s Jack, 24, who Dean and Mary Jo share. So, who’s the seventh? Tori continued:

“Because we have his ex’s two kids [with us], so one from his [past] marriage, my stepson, and then her daughter living with us.”

Ding, ding, ding! The addition is Lola, 17, whom Mary Jo adopted following her 2006 divorce. Lola even made it onto the family’s gingerbread house — look:

Aw! While it’s unclear how long the teenager has been living with the family, the fact the 49-year-old actress so naturally name-dropped her in the podcast is very telling!

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As mentioned, the family made headlines earlier this year when Eustace, 60, slammed the Open Range actor and Love at First Lie host. As a result, McDermott stepped away from the exes’ new podcast, which was intended to help them ​​“reconnect as friends,” Mary Jo previously explained. Their 24-year-old son then opened up about the decision in a rare comment on Instagram, saying:

“About a week ago, my Dad made the decision to step away from his podcast with my mother Ex’s & Uh-Ohs. He chose to leave due to negative comments about our family and consistent attempts to malign his character. He also chose to leave due to the producer of the show betraying his trust and divulging private information.”

He continued:

“For 17 years my father has atoned for mistakes He’s made in the past. He has grown so much as a person. Up until a week ago, our two families where [sic] living in harmony. With this podcast, it has driven a wedge between our two families and created a divide I am not capable of mending. Sadly, I’m not sure it can be.”

Yikes… Speaking directly to his momma, he noted:

“I ask that the information shared on Ex’s & Uh-Ohs be taken with a grain of salt. From my mother, I ask that you please respect me, and my blended family. Please avoid creating any additional strain on our family dynamic. These past few years have been nothing but peace and happiness, and I ask that we continue to try and keep it that way.”

Oof. Things seemed to have gone downhill FAST after this podcast started! And now that Lola’s seemingly not spending the holidays with her mother, it looks even more complicated! Whew.

Of course, this drama comes amid an already tumultuous time for the couple. Dean and Tori appeared to be heading toward splitsville until they seemingly reconciled… on their Christmas card of all places!

After the 56-year-old Canadian performer was left out of the family photo last year, the group made a point to feature him front and center next to his wife in this year’s card. So, it seems they’ve not only been able to make amends, but they’ve also made their home a safe haven for their extended family members amid whatever controversy is going on. Reactions?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Tori Spelling/Mary Jo Eustace/Instagram]

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