Tommy Lee Reveals He Was On A ‘Bender’ When He Uploaded THAT D**k Pic — But Look What He Did On TOUR…

Tommy Lee has finally addressed THAT pic he posted…

If you don’t remember, the Mötley Crüe drummer took to Instagram earlier this month to share a picture of himself — but maybe a little too much of himself. If you followed the star on the photo sharing app, you were probably among many to refresh your feed early in the morning only to see Tommy’s sausage. Tommeat, anyone?? LOLz!

While his member was made famous by his sex tape with ex-wife Pamela Anderson, it was still an admittedly shocking sight to see on the timeline! One that definitely violated Instagram’s community guidelines and resulted in removal of the post. Well, we finally have answers for what possessed him to upload the pic!

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During a Sunday performance in Arlington, Texas, the rocker paced the stage as he admitted:

“A couple weeks ago, we had like a two week break off the tour, and I went on a motherf**king bender, bro. A bender! I got f**king sideways as f**k and got naked and posted pictures of my d**k.”

So it seems like Tommy definitely wasn’t in his right mind when he posted! Although he didn’t make things much better as immediately after explaining himself, he urged concert-goers to do the same:

“Usually, I mean, I’m a titty man, so I like to see titties, but tonight, tonight it’s equal opportunity night. Tonight I want to see everyone’s d**k! Come on boys, pull your s**t out! Pull your f**king junk out, let’s go!”

UMMM, WHAT??! He then honed in on one fan in particular, asking, “you ready?!” He then added:

“My man in the pink shirt — he’s got a pink shirt on. He’s ready to pull his d**k out. Show the whole world that motherf**king hot dog!”

Oh god, Tommy… A fan camera then pointed at the man, who gestured down at the woman he was with, seemingly noting her disapproval. The 59-year-old musician then responded:

“The wife says no? Divorce!”

As he promptly turned his back and walked in the other direction. See the full thing (below):

Tommy’s sure had peen on his mind a lot lately… Maybe that bender isn’t quite all the way over!

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As for his tour that’s being co-headlined with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, we’ve previously reported that he had to sit out early on due to four broken ribs, but he has since returned and is obviously in typical Tommy fashion. Their final performance of the tour is set for September 9 in Las Vegas.

What do YOU think of Tommy’s reason behind posting the full frontal photo, and his request of fans during his Sunday performance?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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