Tom Schwartz Unveils Identity Of The Guy Who ACTUALLY Made Out With Raquel Leviss At Coachella!

The identity of the makeout man has been revealed! …We think!

Remember back at Coachella last year when Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss made out with some mystery man at the springtime music festival?? And how the online world was absolutely certain it was Tom Schwartz, even after he denied it?!

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Well, we finally got our answer about who it actually was that really locked lips with Leviss! And the answer is… drumroll please… Joey Lennon!!

Wait, who?!

Joey is a hunky pal of Scheana Shay‘s husband Brock Davies. The entrepreneur was at Coachella with Leviss and a gang of VPR pals when the two felt the vibe and connected on a kiss. At least that’s what Schwartz himself is now saying!

During Wednesday night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, the TomTom co-owner took to a confessional room to explain. In outing Joey as the Bravo show’s version of the Kissing Bandit (sorry ’bout it Arie Luyendyk), Schwartz said:

“You know how people thought that Raquel and I made out at Coachella? Well, this is the actual guy who made out with Raquel.”

Here he is:


Lennon had joined the VPR crew for a pool party at Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix‘s home when he and Schwartz came across each other. The more diminutive Schwartz joked that he and Lennon — who is jacked AF — were practically twins after Davies introduced the two men:

“I feel like I’m looking in the mirror, goddamn it, you handsome son of a bitch!

Then, Schwartz kept the jokes coming:

“This [Lennon] is me if I had ambition and follow-through.”


That’s a good line. The supposed Schwartz-Leviss Coachella connection was a big brouhaha last spring, so we suppose it’s good that the world has it all cleared up now.

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Of course, Tom (Schwartz) and Raquel did link up in their own very public way not long after Coachella happened. And of course of course the VPR fam-bam has a muuuuuuuch bigger controversy to wade through at this point, anyways.

But at least now we can check the ‘chella query off our list of VPR inquiries. Right?! Unless you still believe it was Sandoval all along…

[Image via Joey Lennon/Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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