Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Agreed Marriage Was ‘Irretrievably Broken’ — And Other Deets From Divorce Docs

It isn’t just the end between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen — it’s already the end of the end. By the time they were ready to announce their divorce on Friday, they had already finalized it!

We were as curious as we were surprised — not by the split of course, that seemed inevitable — but by the speed of it all. (Take note, Kanye West, this is how it’s done.)

The magic ingredient here? Tom and Gisele were on the same page. Maybe not about their marriage but definitely about their divorce. TMZ got hold of the docs, and from what we can see it’s the most even, easy uncoupling we’ve seen. As for deets, well…

Both parties agreed the marriage was “irretrievably broken and cannot be restored.” While this sounds pretty dire, it’s actually boilerplate language in Florida for a no-fault divorce, where both parties agree the marriage is done and no one is particularly to blame. (Obviously we know that doesn’t mean they don’t still think it’s the other’s fault. They just aren’t declaring it legally.)

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According to the docs, the couple settled their agreement last Tuesday, October 25. It seems to have been a surprisingly easy settlement — neither party is asking for any financial relief from the other. What looked like a potentially wildly expensive divorce brewing turned out to be  no conflict at all — likely because they both had a ton of money.

As far as co-parenting goes, it’s clear they’re both going to try extra hard. They both took a “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course” — and their certification was included with the divorce papers. The custody agreement, like the property agreement, was sealed, however. But it’s clear they were both in agreement on it.

The judge signed off on their divorce agreement on Friday morning, October 28, officially making the NFL star and the supermodel “restored to the status of being single and unmarried.” So there you have it. They’re free and clear. No more need to wonder what’s happening with the power couple. Sorry, former power couple.

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