Tom Brady Boasts About ‘Perfect Night’ — But Gisele Bündchen Was With WHOM?!

Tom Brady is making the most of his time with his children!

And even though he’s still being dogged by divorce reports with wife Gisele Bündchen, it seems like things are at least OK at home with his oldest child. So that’s nice to know!

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On Sunday night, after Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 21-15 win over the Atlanta Falcons, the 45-year-old quarterback posted a poignant picture to his Instagram Stories. In the snap, he showed off a sunset scene down in Tampa. But the real story came between Tom and his 15-year-old son Jack, whom he shares with ex Bridget Moynahan. Tom and the teen were fishing together in the gorgeous snap!

The QB captioned it cutely, too, writing:

“Great win and a perfect night”


And as you can see (below), it truly looks like a perfect night for fishing:

Tom Brady Boasts About 'Perfect Night' Fishing With Son Jack Amid Gisele Bündchen Marriage Woes!
Tom shared this special father-son moment on his IG Stories on Sunday evening! / (c) Tom Brady/Instagram

Love that!

Clearly, Tom had a pretty good Sunday. Of course, his Bucs winning over Atlanta was an important moment. Tampa Bay wants to control their run in the NFC South — and at 3-2, they’re in first place right now. Still a long season to go, tho! Far more importantly, these moments fishing with Jack will become memories that last a lifetime. Can’t hate on that!!

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But… it’s not all rosy for the former University of Michigan star. See, while Tom was casting his hook into the deep blue bay, Gisele was busy visiting a spiritual healer to work through her troubles with Tom! Yes, really. Damn, maybe those rumors about her witchy powers really are true…

On Monday morning, TMZ published new pics showing Gisele dressed down and walking with an Amazon box in hand. The pics are from Florida, and were apparently taken on Friday. Gisele was not wearing her wedding ring in the snaps — although as the outlet notes, she has always been hit-or-miss with wearing it. (Though with the recent reports she’s threatened him with divorce multiple times, maybe that tracks?) What she was wearing was a long prayer necklace. Hmmm…

And with that, the real story here was her destination: a visit with spiritual healer Dr. Ewa! This isn’t the first time Gisele has sat down with the new-age lifestyle doc. TMZ notes that Friday’s outing marked a “return visit” for the Brazilian, who was seen visiting her a week or so ago also. And it’s apparently being done so the supermodel can “get back on track” amid ongoing issues in her life with the star quarterback. For her part, it looks like Dr. Ewa brought soup in some Tupperware to their meeting of the minds. Well, some kind of concoction anyway. You can see those snaps HERE.

Looks like Gisele is putting in some work to get things together while Tom has the parenting thing down pat. Just not together…

What do y’all make of this ongoing drama, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Tom Brady/Instagram/MEGA/WENN]

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