Tom Brady Appears To Address Gisele Bündchen Divorce Woes In New Comments About Adversity & Quitting…

Tom Brady is speaking out about some not-so-great times going on right now in his otherwise charmed life.

Of course, the star quarterback’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are off to a rough start nearly halfway through the NFL season. This past Sunday’s brutal loss to the lowly Carolina Panthers only made things worse…

But obviously it’s not just on-the-field issues. As we’ve been meticulously documenting, Tom’s ongoing marital woes with Gisele Bündchen are causing major stress and anxiety off the field for the 45-year-old star, too.

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Now Tom is speaking out about those difficulties. On Monday, the latest episode of his always-anticipated SiriusXM podcast Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray dropped. In it, the former University of Michigan football star got candid about moving past “a loser mentality” and dealing with adversity in his life:

“If you look at a loser mentality, you do quit when it gets hard, you do quit when things don’t go your way, and I think the beautiful part about life is the adversities challenge you to figure out who you really are.”

We wonder if these adversities challenged him to figure out he’s now actually a single guy?

He went on to reflect more on tough times. While he purposely kept his comments very general, Tom addressed his desire to come together with those around him to solve his issues, both football-related and not:

“Everyone can be there during the parades, everyone can be there when they’re telling you how great you are. [But] who you are when things aren’t great, who you are when things don’t go your way when you face adversity, who are the people who stand by you? That’s what adversities really challenge you to figure out.”

He continued:

“You’re challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, that’s what sports are about — that’s what life’s about and how you overcome it. Do you place blame or how do you accept responsibility?”


Hopeful that things will turn around, the Super Bowl champion told Gray he has “never quit on anything” in his life. And while Gray didn’t address any of the reported rumors around Brady’s rift with Gisele, the pair did discuss Tom’s football troubles.

After Gray asked whether Tom is “still loving the game today,” the former New England Patriots star said:

“Absolutely. … It’s a hard sport we’ve chosen and it’s tough. It challenges you in every area, physically, mentally and emotionally. And certainly at this stage we’re in, this is where you gotta dig deep and see what you’re all about and see what kind of character you have and see what you believe in and your values as a team. Do you stand up for each other when you face adversity or do you not? That’s what we’re all trying to figure out every time we take the field.”

Tom also used the new podcast to cut down recent talk about re-retirement.

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Of course, he’s been there, done that (and, uh, un-done that). So when Gray asked whether he was thinking about quitting (again) any time soon, Tom spoke up about the first retirement and denied wanting to go through that once more:

“I said last week that there’s no immediate retirement in my future. There was a retirement in the past, but I moved on from that.”

He “moved on from” thoughts of retiring from the NFL. Hmm. If it’s true that was the deciding factor in his rift with Gisele, he seems pretty sure! He continued:

“But certainly not, you know, I’ve never, you know, I made a commitment to this team and I love this team and I love this organization. I told them in March I was playing and I’ve never quit on anything in my life. And I know a bunch of teammates that we all count on one another to be at our best and to work hard and to put the team first. And that’s what you commit to and that’s what you want your teammates to commit to as well.”

The star quarterback went on:

“I want to keep fighting as hard as I can and I’m always trying to do better. I’m always trying to work hard and I’m always trying to commit more to the things that are important to me. And this team is very important to me and I certainly want to be the best I can be for them.”

Interesting. Especially considering how his decision to un-retire from the NFL this past spring is reportedly a big reason for why he and Gisele are going through it right now!!

Maybe he’ll just play until he’s 50? Or 60? Or 70?! We’re only half-kidding about that…

What do y’all think about Tom’s podcast comments, Perezcious readers??

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