Tobey Maguire’s Ex Calls Their Breakup The ‘Most Beautiful Experience Of My Life’!

Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is, well, a breakup. That was the case, at least for Tobey Maguire and his ex-wife Jennifer Meyer!

During an appearance on the World’s First Podcast, Jennifer opened up to her close friends Erin and Sara Foster about the end of her marriage to Tobey — and had nothing but great things to say about it! In fact, the 45-year-old jewelry designer admitted that it actually brought them even closer together, all thanks to the universe having their back. She explained:

“For me, personally, you know, it was like, Sara was there since, you know the day I met my husband, right? I actually really started dating him because of Sara. I mean, truly, so she was there from day one to the day we broke up, right? And in that moment, I was able to make a conscious decision about how this breakup was going to go and trust that the universe had my back, had our back as a couple for our children, for all of these things, and really, it’s been the most beautiful experience of my life having this beautiful breakup. I mean, I can’t even explain. I would literally do anything in the world for Tobey. He is my brother. I love him to death and we have the most beautiful family.”

Wow! It is very nice to hear about a healthy and peaceful divorce process – especially after we have seen so many tumultuous celeb splits over the past couple of years.

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As you may recall, Tobey and Jennifer revealed in October 2016 that they were separating after nine years of marriage. While the fashionista officially filed on October 28, 2020, it has not been finalized yet. The former couple, who share 15-year-old daughter Ruby and 13-year-old son Otis, have continued to show their support to one another over the years. We mean, Maguire even attended the launch of her jewelry boutique in El Lay two years after their split, and they’ve been spotted together at several events since then.

Despite the exes remaining friends, Jennifer admitted on the podcast that navigating their separation has not always been easy. But they ultimately choose to put in the work to make sure they keeps things on good terms for the sake of their family:

“It was a choice and it was trusting in like, the universe has got our back. But let me tell you something, the work is a motherf**ker. I’m not gonna lie, and we did a lot of work to stay on track to stay a family. But now we talk about our significant others and ‘Hey, you got the kids? I’m going for a weekend away.’ You know what I mean? Now it’s like, anything, or I mean, ‘Hey, I’m having a hard day’ or ‘Hey, you did this, it really bummed me out.’ Like, we’re able to get through it, but it all goes back to the universe has your back, like, if you stay on track, if you do the work.”

This just goes to show that breakups do not always have to be so filled with so much sorrow (or messy drama) and can sometimes be a great thing for some people! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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