TikTok Trolls Kim Kardashian For Having ‘The Most Uncomfortable’ Office Furniture EVER!

Kim Kardashian is getting called out for her incredibly uncomfortable-looking office!!

The 41-year-old reality TV star is taking heat on TikTok after a fan account reposted a clip this week that Kim herself had recently shared on social media. In the 14-second video, Kim gives a tour of her office space, which includes some very clean, sleek, Scandinavian-looking design elements… and some REALLY weird furniture!

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In the clip, the footage introduces social media followers to several awkwardly-angled chairs with no back and only a thin cushion for the seat. On the other side of the desk, there is a bizarre wraparound backless chair re-shaped and re-purposed entirely from a block of wood.

As you can see in the screenshots (below), it doesn’t look like it’d be easy to sit in any of “the most uncomfortable looking chairs ever” in Kim’s office for any extended amount of time:

TikTok Trolls Kim Kardashian For Having 'The Most Uncomfortable' Office Furniture EVER!
Yeah, those really don’t look comfortable. And what’s up with the cement coffee table?! / (c) Kardashian Icon/TikTok


Kim, is everything OK there?! Do U really use that office or what??

Immediately after the fan account first re-posted that content on TikTok, users were drawn to the comment section to share their own opinions about the bizarre furniture. Here are just a few of the takes on that, including the re-poster themselves joking about sending “prayers to whoever sits on those chairs” and more:

“I would rather sit on the ground”

“okay Kim now show us your real office”

“Those are don’t stay too long chairs.”

“Me thinking about how even more messed up my back would be if I had to sit on that wooden chair for 8 hours.”

“okay Kim now show us your real office”

“Well, she may not be able to feel how uncomfortable the seat is given her derrière amplification…”

Amazingly, Kim did have a few supporters in the comments tho! Doesn’t she always?!

Here are a few of the followers who gave more gracious takes on Kim’s office set-up (below):

“Smart lady! Everyone would want to get down to business and wasted no time being in those chairs!”

“Those chairs are there to let people know that they are not welcomed to stay long.”

“i love watching people hate on kims furniture thats literally kinda scandinavian looking”

“I suspect that all Kardashians have their ‘museum house’ and other secret house where they can normally sit and where sinks do exist”

That last one — THAT’S the true one! Consider that the conspiracy theory we stand by the most! LOLz!!

Here is the full video of the office tour (below):


Prayers to whoever sits on those chairs???? #kimkardashian #office #foryoupage

♬ original sound – kardashianicon

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers??

Does the sight of Kim’s office furniture confuse you?! Annoy you??

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[Image via TODAY/YouTube/TikTok]

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