Three Ohio Adults Arrested After Authorities Discovered 3-Year-Old Locked In Cage & 2-Year-Old Holding Meth Pipe

Arrests have been made after authorities shockingly found two toddlers in distressing situations.

Hocking County Sheriff’s Office and the Logan-Hocking Special Response Team were dispatched to a residence in Logan, Ohio Sunday with a search warrant in regards to a sexual assault investigation, and while they were there made some pretty horrific discoveries. Yes, during the search authorities found a 3-year-old locked up in a cage that was secured with zip ties, and allegedly filled with “bugs, soiled bedding, and a cup of spoiled milk,” according to an HCSO Facebook release.

How sadistic is that? To lock up a child like an animal, and in such hazardous conditions? What world are we living in??

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In addition to the caged child, authorities also found a 2-year-old walking around the residence with what they were able to confirm as a METH PIPE. Are you kidding?? Absolutely no regard whatsoever for the safety of these children! Sickening!

According to the release, the children were “taken into emergency custody with the assistance of South Central Ohio Job And Family Services and placed in emergency foster care, for safe keeping.” Their 61-year-old grandmother, Ella Webb, who has custody of them, was arrested on the spot for endangering children. However, the two people authorities were initially after for their connection to the sexual assault investigation, 38-year-old FranklinT.J.Varney and 25-year-old Megan Smith, parents of the young children, fled the scene. Fortunately, they did not get far and were apprehended the following day just before 1 p.m. in the forest on Bear Run Road, according to the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office. They revealed in the Facebook post:

“On Monday, September 19th, both Varney and Smith were taken into custody after they were chased by law enforcement on foot through the woods near their residence on Bear Run Road.”

The two were then taken to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail and charged with third-degree felony child endangerment.

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As of now, Ella is still being held in police custody where her bond is set at $200,000 after she pled not guilty to her charges. There has been no update on court appearances, but the two young children remain safe in foster care.

What a sad and truly vile story. We’re so glad those young kids have been removed from that traumatic environment and will hopefully get a better shot at life now. But what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via Hocking County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook]

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