This Glee Actress Was Terrified To Even Look Lea Michele In The Eye!

Another Glee alum is sharing her experience of sharing the screen with the big, bad Rachel Berry.

Obviously at this point we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about Lea Michele‘s diva behavior on the set of the musical series and beyond. The worst came from Samantha Ware, who infamously accused the Cannonball singer of “racially motivated abuse” that culminated in a threat to “s**t in my wig.” Other castmates seemed to agree with the sentiments — even Heather Morris called her “unpleasant” to work with!

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So what was it like for someone who came in earlier in the series and only had to interact with her a little? STILL TERRIFYING!

That’s what Lindsay Pearce remembers! As one of the runners up on The Glee Project, she won a 2-episode arc on Season 3 of the Fox hit, playing Harmony, a very Rachel Berryesque character whom the real Rachel couldn’t stand.

Lindsay Pearce as Harmony on Glee
Lindsay Pearce as Harmony on Glee. / (c) Disney+

Of the show’s main cast, Lindsay mostly only acted with Lea and Chris Colfer. In a new interview published on Monday, the stage vet told Insider about her experiences back in the day, three years before Samantha Ware’s ordeal.

Chris, she remembers, “was really sweet” and “excited” to act with her, asking all about the competition, whether she’d won. Lea, on the other hand… made her “nervous.” That’s maybe putting it mildly? The actress recalls:

“I remember when Lea came in, and I was like, ‘Don’t talk to her. Don’t even look in her direction. Leave her alone.’ Because she’s the star of the show.”

Right, because she was the star. And not because she was scary. Ha! The difference between how she knew to interact with Colfer and Michele kiiiiinda says it all, doesn’t it?

Staying away from Lea was probably a good idea for Lindsay in particular. Casting her as a Rachel Berry type was likely because she’s such a Lea Michele type IRL. In fact, she went on to get some very Lea roles, including one the On My Way songstress always wanted: playing the lead role of witch Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked! And as we know, being in a Broadway role that Lea wants isn’t the safest position career-wise! Just ask Beanie Feldstein, right? Ha!

Lindsay went on to star in the Mean Girls musical but not taking after Lea — she played non-mean girl BFF Janis Sarkisian! So suck on that!

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