There’s Been ANOTHER Sister Wives Couple Split — And The Drama Behind This One Is ‘Personal’!

A family who shared their unique polygamous dynamic on Sister Wives has split up.

Nathan Collier and his wife, Victoria “Vicki” Collier, were shown on the hit TLC reality show’s eighth season run as they worked towards a polygamous marriage with would-be second wife Christine (pictured above, left). For three years, up to 2018, the couple battled Montana law to try to fight for the right to legally marry Christine and engage in polygamy. During their battle, they were followed by Sister Wives cameras, and even became fan favorites in their short run on the show.

But now, according to Christine, that is all over. She spoke to The US Sun on Tuesday and confirmed she has split from Nathan and Vicki. Oh no!

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So, first a little back story to get you caught up on this old Sister Wives arc. Back in 2015, the Colliers appeared on the show while hosting star Kody Brown and his wives for a family gathering. The Montana-based Collier fam seemed to be regular outdoors-loving people. They had a serious interest in polygamy, too — hence their appearance alongside Kody and his partners in the reality TV venture!

During that portion of the series, Nathan, Vicki, and Christine showed the world how they lived together, but separately. They intended to build a duplex with separate kitchens, but a shared basement and common room to combine families. For a while after their appearance on air, Sister Wives fans rooted on the fledgling throuple as they tried to make things work. When the Colliers went before a judge to have Nathan and Christine’s marriage legally recognized, fans hoped it would work out.

But a Yellowstone County judge first ruled against Nathan’s petition for a second marriage to Christine in 2015. The fam fought the ruling for three years. But through the appeals process, things didn’t work out. In 2018, a judge denied Nathan’s final appeal. Undaunted, he and Christine enjoyed a “spiritual marriage” ceremony, even if this union wasn’t to be legally recognized by the government.

Now, that’s all over. According to Christine herself, she split from Nathan and Vicki back in July. Christine, who is 46, confirmed the breakup to the outlet:

“I can confirm that yes we have split at the end of July of this year.”

Ahh. Sad!

Of course, the Sister Wives franchise drew quite a bit of attention recently after Kody split from Janelle and his third wife (other) Christine. But clearly, the Brown family drama wasn’t the only bump in the road faced by reality TV polygamists!

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As for the Collier case, this Christine decided not to open up about what led to her split from Nathan and Vicki. She told the news outlet that “irreconcilable differences” played a part, and added:

“It’s personal. I’d rather not air that information [why we split].”


A source also spoke to The U.S. Sun about the breakup. That insider claimed TLC producers and fans alike previously had high hopes for Nathan to spin off his own TV series after appearing on Sister Wives alongside the then-happy Brown fam. Sadly, that didn’t come to be. Nathan and Vicki are still in Montana, but their optimistic reality TV future isn’t in the cards.

The insider explained how nobody expected the non-traditional fam to split up so abruptly:

“Everyone was pining for Nathan to have a [reality TV] series because he had such a great family. His family’s breakup is completely unexpected.”

Welp. So that’s that, then.

Christine did confirm to the outlet that she is now “in a new relationship” after leaving the Collier fam. However, she wouldn’t disclose any more information, and she wasn’t keen on sharing more details about what led to the fam’s rift.

As for the Browns and the future of Sister Wives following Kody’s relationship troubles, it sounds like she wasn’t up to date on the drama there, either. She told the news org:

“I was not friends with them, nor did we keep close afterward [the show]. Whatever is going on in their family … it’s their business. I try to stay out of other people’s business.”

So there you have it, we guess. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Christine Collier/Twitter]

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