The Wildest Ghost Stories We’ve Ever Heard!

Prepare to be tossing and turning all night with some of these ghost stories!

Over the years, we have heard some pretty wild and bone-chilling tales — everything from celebrities making contact with literal demons (!!!) to people capturing a mysterious presence on camera and even someone talking to ghosties in order to help with their overall health. Yeah, we are not joking with the last one…

So now that Halloween is finally here, get into the spooky spirit and check out all the crazy ghost stories we’ve heard (below) – but warning, you might want to read a few of these with the lights on because some are truly frightening!

Hollywood’s Most Haunted Homes

Owner Of Haunted Pub Has VIDEO Of Ghost Pushing Pint Glass Off A Table!

Couple ‘Petrified’ After Allegedly Capturing ‘Grey Lady’ Ghost On Camera In Creepy UK House — Look!

Amanda Kloots Recounts Hauntingly Beautiful Ghost Story On Anniversary Of Nick Cordero’s Death

Kesha & Whitney Cummings Accidentally Made Contact With A DEMON While Ghost Hunting!!!

Haunted Alexa? Man Claims He Spoke To A Ghost Through His Amazon Device — WATCH!

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals She Talks To Ghosts And Is Ready To ‘Lean In’ To Her Ability!!

Ghosted! Spooky Spirit Caught On English CCTV Camera — What Is It?!

James Van Der Beek Tells Amazing Tale About How His Late Mom’s Ghost Visited Via… Candle Wax?!

Ghost Hunter Says He & His Crew Fled Haunted UK Pub After He Was ‘Strangled’ By A Demon!

Paranormal Buffs Baffled Over Man’s Encounter With ‘Ghost’ In Abandoned Hospital Ward!

Lili Reinhart Reveals She’s Started Talking To Ghosts!

Watch Spooky TikTok Video Of ‘Ghost’ Taking Off Dog’s Collar In Empty House!

Kristen Stewart Says The Ghost Of Princess Diana Gave The Biopic Her Blessing!

Holly Madison Spills <i>Girls Next Door</i> Secrets: The Truth About Getting Paid, Being Fed Lines, And… Seeing GHOSTS?!?

‘Ghost Child’ Caught On Camera — And Even Seen By Police!

Bridgerton Star Reveals HYSTERICAL Naked Ghost Encounter During Filming!

Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s Had The Same Nightmare For Months: ‘I Have Some Kind Of Ghost Or Evil Spirit’

WATCH Ewan McGregor Share A Chilling Story About How A Ghost Dropped A Ceiling On Him!

‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Zak Bagans Got Physically Sick After Visiting The Real Life ‘Conjuring’ House!

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