The Sex Isn’t Selling! Networks PASS On Amy Robach & TJ Holmes ‘Desperate’ Attempt To Return To TV

Y’all… we could’ve seen this coming from a mile away!

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes really thought their affair drama could catapult them into daytime TV stardom — but their plan is backfiring!

The axed ABC anchors have been “desperately” attempting to return to the small screen side-by-side after they were fired from their Good Morning America gigs earlier this year when their cheating scandal broke. After meeting with several Hollywood exes, including those behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it turns out no one has shown any interest in their pitch!

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Sources close to the situation told the New York Post on Tuesday that CBS Media Ventures, the syndicate arm of CBS known for Dr. Phil and The Drew Barrymore Show, recently turned down the pair’s idea of a talk show. CNN, which was pitched by the couple’s talent agency CAA, also did the same… and they likely aren’t the only ones. A TV expert mused:

“If they did a talk show, what would they talk about? What’s their expertise — infidelity? They’d take anything. I think they’d host a game show at this point.”

It may have been a joke, but the source is spot on!! In that vein, the pair have also reportedly approached entertainment companies, such as Fox Entertainment and Fox Television Stations, for a syndicated show. They’ve been sitting down with executives for “general meetings” on “various opportunities” that were not necessarily limited to talk shows. Unfortunately for the TV personalities, none of these chats were likely very serious, an insider close to Fox dished:

“I don’t think the talks are serious at all. CAA set up these meetings and everybody took them. I don’t think anyone is serious. I don’t think there’s any [thing] there.”

They aren’t giving up the fight, though! A confidant close to the situation said they are in the process of meeting with other media companies. Who knows, maybe someone will take a chance on the controversial pair?! We bet at least the premiere ratings would be pretty high.

This news comes a week after Page Six learned Holmes and Robach were “pitching a show a la Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.” Only difference is the Live! stars didn’t start out as secret lovers!! While Amy is officially divorced from Andrew Shue now and T.J. is in the process of legally splitting from Marilee Fiebig, they don’t exactly have the same married couple appeal. It hasn’t stopped the controversial star from “selling sex.” Or attempting to sell…

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Per the NYP, if they can’t somehow land a talk show or game show, they might consider a TMZ-style gossip show. Oh, they’re really desperate now!! Their pitch is described as “vague” by insiders, with one source explaining they are saying they “can be whatever you want us to be.”

Well, maybe not “whatever.” An insider quipped:

“One thing’s for sure. They can’t do news.”

The source claimed they are no longer “credible” people because of their affair drama. In particular, T.J.’s reputation has been ruined by allegations he’s had affairs with other ABC News staffers. That said, Amy and T.J. don’t seem to have figured this out yet because all the press and paparazzi attention they’ve been experiencing has clouded their judgment:

“They think they are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They think they are superstars. It’s insane. They are not as famous as they think. Nobody is going to watch them. America does not like adulterers.”

The source added:

“Taking a meeting is not selling a show. It’s almost like amateur hour and they should know better. They think that if someone takes a meeting, they’re interested.”

Oof. While each journalist received a severance package from their former network, insiders do not think it is enough to last them a lifetime, so they are going to have to find work ASAP! Do U think anyone will take a chance on them?? Would you even watch? Let us know (below)!

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