The Disturbing Reason Josh Duggar Told Cousin Amy He Never Tried To Molest Her

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Well, this kind of says it all, doesn’t it. Forget any defense that this was a compulsion, that he couldn’t help himself — what Josh Duggar did was a conscious choice every time, and this proves it.

As our readers know, the 19 Kids and Counting alum was convicted last December of possession of child pornography and is currently serving a 12.5 year sentence. However, that heinous crime was far from the only thing he’s been accused of. During the trial old friends of the family — parents of a girl he once courted, in fact — said he had once come to them as a teenager and admitted to molesting their daughters. One was as young as 4 years old at the time. This is in addition to when he molested his little sisters — a scandal that broke when the buried police report finally leaked in 2015.

Until the child porn trial, Josh faced no consequences for these actions. His father, Jim Bob Duggar, was too good at shielding him. But not all of his family members want to keep things quiet.

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Amy Duggar King, a cousin who often appeared on the famous family’s reality show, has been blasting both Josh and any family members protecting him on social media. And this week she spilled some tea only she would have — something that makes it clear just how disgusting this man really is.

Speaking to The Sun on Tuesday, she revealed she actually questioned him after learning about the molestation, asking why he never preyed on her. After all, she was a young woman in his home, often sleeping and defenseless as his sisters had been. She recalled:

“Josh told me a long time ago, when I asked him why he tried it with the other girls and not me, I asked him: ‘Why did you never try anything with me?’ And he said, ‘Because I knew you would’ve kicked my ass.”

The now-36-year-old says she agreed with him at the time:

“‘Correct; I would’ve kicked your ass.’”

She says she was “shocked first of all that he cussed” what with the strict religious upbringing. But the longer she held onto that answer, the more it disturbed her — especially after he got caught with child porn. She explained:

“It shows he knew who to target, people who were weaker and who were going to be too scared to say anything. And it’s so messed up, so screwed up – but he knew that. I would’ve kicked his ass and it would not have been a hidden thing.”

Ugh. She’s exactly right. She was just a couple years older than he was — and that’s not what he wanted, he wanted younger kids. Ones he could prey on. Even as a teen, he was going after children. A 4-year-old, ffs. That’s part of how he got away with it for so long. Even when he confessed to his parents, he was able to control the narrative. Jim Bob was adamant during the trial that what his son did wasn’t as bad as what everyone was saying — defending that he’d only “touched them on the breast over their clothes.” That would’ve been bad enough. Unfortunately it went much further than that. But again, the victims were scared and young — they were seen as unreliable. As Amy puts it, it’s just “so sad and messed up” it was allowed to happen at all.

We think her take is exactly right. Not only does it show he was looking for weaker, younger prey — the fact he was picking and choosing his victims shows he was making a choice. He was deciding to act or not — depending on whether he thought he could get away with it. That shows a conscious choice. Just horrifying.

Really the man ought to be in prison for all of this too. But at least he’s off the streets — and way from children — for a long time. What do YOU think of Amy’s story??

[Image via Amy Duggar King/Instagram/Washington County Sheriff’s Office.]

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