Texas Mom Arrested After Allegedly Leaving Her Kids Home Alone For TWO MONTHS!

A mom in Texas has been arrested after allegedly leaving her two young children at home alone for two months.

According to a press release from the Roman Forest Police Department, Raven Yates was apprehended by law enforcement on Wednesday at an apartment complex in n Mobile, Alabama, where she had been staying with a male friend after allegedly abandoning her 12-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Police claim the mom left the kids back on September 8 of last year. Awful. Before deserting them, ABC13 reported that investigators claimed Yates threatened her daughter that her dad would take her away and leave her brother alone if she told anyone Yates left.

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Because the 12-year-old was afraid of what would happen, she would only reach out to her father to send food to the house, claiming Yates was working at the time. Eventually, family members saw Yates in Mobile and contacted the dad since the kids were not with her. And it wasn’t until November 14 that their father called the Roman Forest Police Department, telling them that the two were allegedly home alone with no guardian over the past two months – “much of the time without access to food or medical supplies.” The pair also were not registered in school. The police department explained:

“The father had been informed that his child’s mother had been seen in Mobile Alabama without her children and realized they were home alone because he had been asked by his daughter to send food regularly.”

They then noted that once the dad realized the children were deserted by their mom, he “immediately flew in from California where he had been working at the time.” And following an investigation from RFPD, an arrest warrant was issued on December 8 for Yates on two counts of abandoning and endangering a child without intent to return.

However, law enforcement spent MONTHS searching for the woman. With the help of the U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Violent Offender Fugitive Task Force, authorities were eventually able to locate the mom as she would post about the situation on her social media. This led to tips and leads in the case of where to find Yates. Here’s where the case gets more messed up. When cops arrested her, per ABC13, Roman Forest police Chief Stephen Carlisle said she appeared completely “unbothered” by the whole thing and seemed to be more focused on getting her picture taken:

“She was photographed in handcuffs with a full smile on her face and seemingly unbothered by the charges against her for allegedly putting her own children in danger. I don’t know if she was playing a part or whatever it is, but she, I think, was playing for the camera. She wanted to have a smile. She wanted to look good. The arresting officer reportedly said she asked about putting lipstick on before the photo was taken.”

What the f**k?! It sounds like she has zero remorse for her actions!

Yates was still listed as in the custody of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday and awaits extradition back to Montgomery County, Texas. As for the children? RFPD previously noted that they are both “safe with a family member in Alabama.” Our hearts break for these two kids — and we’re glad they are OK now!

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[Image via Roman Forest Police Department/Facebook]

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