Tennessee Woman Arrested After Allegedly Using Her Own Child As Human Shield

A woman from Tennessee has been arrested after allegedly using her own kid as a human shield in a shootout…

The Clarksville Police Department posted a wild release on their Facebook page late last week. According to the PD, 24-year-old Bethany Wilson (pictured above) was near a local Minit Mart around 4:42 p.m. on Thursday when she decided to steal a patron’s car. The unnamed 51-year-old woman was pumping gas into her Nissan Juke when Wilson approached her and pulled out a gun, pointing it at the victim as a means to steal the car and speed off.

Only about a half-hour later police responded to reports of shots being fired in a nearby area. Upon arriving to the scene, they found a man who said Wilson had fired her gun at him, and when he ran away jumped into his black Mercedes Benz and sped away. The Nissan she had stolen just minutes before was abandoned in a parking lot on the same road. Most disturbingly, though, the victim said she had used her own 5-year-old child as a human shield as she went through with the carjacking.


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She used her own, innocent child to protect herself while allegedly firing her gun and stealing cars. That poor kid!!!

The danger was far from over, sadly. After stealing the Mercedes, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office reported to the CPD they had recovered the vehicle as it was also abandoned. After ditching two cars, the mother jumped into a Ford F-150 and sped off yet again, this time her crime resulting in a crash on the interstate. After wrecking the truck she was nowhere to be found.

As of Thursday the suspect was still on the run, but luckily reports to the CPD helped them track her down to a Days Inn hotel and they were able to arrest her without confrontation. Her child was reported to be with her and safe, although we can’t imagine how shaken up by all the trauma they must be. A mom using a defenseless child as a shield is a horrifying thing to even imagine, much less experience.

Per the last update, Wilson was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. The investigation is still ongoing and the CPD has no other information available at this time.

You can read the police department’s full statement (below):

An absolutely crazy situation. Our hearts are with the unnamed 5-year-old, as with anyone else injured.

[Image via Clarksville Police Department]

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