Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd Reveals TERRIFYING Moment She Was Shot At 13 TIMES With Her KIDS In The Car!

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter just premiered on Tuesday night, and star Cheyenne Floyd revealed she experienced an absolutely TERRIFYING attempt at her life — with her KIDS and fiancé in the car!

During the debut episode, the reality star recalled the day bullets came flying at her. She recalled how she, her fiancé Zach Davis, her 5-year-old daughter Ryder, and her one-year-old son Ace were “riding around” when she noticed a “green beam” on Zach’s face. They then noticed a man they “both knew” aiming a gun at them. Absolutely terrifying! Especially since they KNEW this man! Zach noted: 

“He’s been here at Chy’s house. There are pictures with him.”

What a betrayal… Inviting someone into your home — taking pictures with them, just for them to later attempt to murder you and put your young children in the line of fire while doing so. Absolutely irredeemable.

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Zach added:

“All of a sudden you start hearing shots. He hit the car 13 times, and we crashed into the back of a Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world.”

13 times! Cheyenne then chimed in, calling their survival a “miracle” before explaining:

“God literally covered us that day because every cop who was there said they don’t understand how we are all alive. I had to pinch myself to make sure I understood that I was alive.”

We can’t even begin to imagine the mix of emotions Cheyenne and her family must have experienced when those words left the cops’ mouths… On one hand you’re thankful that everyone is okay, but on the other your stomach probably dropped knowing that you were that close to death.

Later in the episode the Challenge alum confided in her mother, Margaret Floyd, how frustrated she was:

“At what point is this going to be over? We are stuck in a constant replay of the worst day of your life. Everything is just a trigger. Everything is a reminder.”

Look, we’re no psychologists, but it sounds like she might be suffering from some PTSD. She noted how the situation just wasn’t “fair,” adding:

“I feel like he didn’t kill us, but he took so much from us. I don’t get why we have to go through that. I don’t get why the kids have to go through that.”

We’re sure every time she steps out of the house she feels that looming anxiety. Heck — even inside the house, as the perpetrator had been there!

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While this was the first we’ve openly heard the 29-year-old discuss the traumatic event, she did ask fans for “prayers” last month, writing: 

“I’ll be able to explain more later right now I am focused on healing.”

During the episode’s premiere, she also live-tweeted, explaining: 

“We have had the hardest year but we are alive and extremely blessed. Thank you to our friends and family who have been going through this hell with us. We got this @zachtdavis”

See her full tweet (below):

So scary! Let’s send healing energy to the family and hope for their safety going forward.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments how you would have reacted in the unthinkable situation.

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