Strangled Billionaire’s Family Offering $35 MILLION Reward For Solving The Murder!

The family of a mysteriously murdered billionaire couple is still seeking justice five years on — and they’re willing to pay big bucks for it!

On December 15 of 2017 Big Pharma chairman Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found dead in a horrifying manner — hanging by belts from a railing in a semi-seated position near the indoor pool of their $7 million Toronto mansion (pictured above, left inset). Originally law enforcement said there were no signs of forced entry in any of the home’s access points, meaning one of the two would have to be responsible. But after spending weeks gathering over 100 witness statements and obtaining neighborhood security footage (pictured above, right inset), officials finally had enough evidence to consider what they originally believed to be a murder-suicide as a double homicide.

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Those who knew the couple brushed off the theory as false back then, which prompted family members to hire an investigative team who found evidence that they were, in fact, killed by multiple people, according to CBC at the time. Sadly, five years later the investigation hasn’t progressed, the mansion has been torn down, and the Sherman family is still desperate for answers as to what happened to their loved ones.

Jonathan Sherman, son of the couple, originally announced a $10 million reward for any information relating to his parent’s deaths. That was in 2018. In the four years since, nothing has come from it, so last week, on the 5-year anniversary of his parents’ deaths, he upped the reward to $35 million.

$35 million!

Surely if someone knows something they’ll come forward for that! Jonathan explained his reasoning to CBC:

“Closure will not be possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice. I have been overwhelmed with pain, loss, and sorrow and these feelings only continuously compound. This immeasurable pain is felt every day when I realize that my own two children will never have the privilege of meeting my parents who made their lives possible for me and my husband.”

Continuing, the grieving son said even five years later their deaths still haunt him:

“My parents deserved to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and spend their twilight years as any grandparent should, with their family. I continue to miss my parents more than I can describe, and I am forever haunted by what happened to them. Nothing will replace their incredible generosity and positive social impact. Their deaths have been a devastating loss for us all, leaving a massive void in our hearts, our lives and in our communities.”

The Shermans were known for their philanthropy, giving tens of millions to universities and hospitals. They also made several multimillion-dollar donations to charities and had buildings named in their honor. Avi Abraham Benlolo told CBC last week he believes the family is doing the right thing by continuing to push the search for answers with their humongous cash reward:

“I think the kids are doing the right thing by continuing to keep this story alive, the investigation alive and the pressure alive on law enforcement and the investigation. Putting more money in place — perhaps it will provide the lead that is necessary. We really have a longing for closure. We still don’t feel that we have the answers that we need. What happened to them? Who’s responsible? We need to bring them to justice.”

In addition to the reward, Jonathan also hired a private investigator, a retired police inspector named Doug Grady, to run a parallel investigation. Unfortunately neither has borne fruit yet. Toronto Police Service continues to urge anyone with relevant information to contact them directly at 

We hope the family gets the closure they need. 

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