Stephen Colletti SLAMS Laguna Beach Producers For Making It Look Like He Cheated On Kristin Cavallari With Lauren Conrad!

Stephen Colletti is clearing the air once and for all with Laguna Beach fans!

As you may recall, the MTV series had many of us hooked on the drama from the iconic love triangle between Stephen, Kristin Cavallari, and Lauren Conrad. But according to Stephen, not everything portrayed on the show was what actually happened! He insisted on the Back to the Beach podcast on Tuesday that he was not seeing them both at the same time, slamming producers for portraying him as a cheater with the way they edited the scenes. Stephen said:

“I had a huge problem with this because, look, obviously they created this show around this love triangle and there’s moments where you and I were broken up. And [producers] had learned about Lauren and I hooking up and being very good friends and, you know, obviously stuff happened at certain times, but at no point ever, whenever we were together, would I step out on you in that way.”

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The One Tree Hill alum added that the editing made his “blood boil” at the time. As for what Kristin thinks about the storyline? The Uncommon James founder said it felt like “everyone on the show” was put into certain “boxes” even if it was not who they actually were:

“They decided ‘OK, this is how we’re gonna make Stephen look and I don’t care what’s really going on in his life.’ We are gonna continue to hammer that home and keep going back to that same storyline.”

Stephen and Kristin both agreed that while the producers “filled in the gaps” in the plot with whatever they wanted, they gave MTV props for creating a super entertaining show. They really had us on the edge of our seats at times! The Everyone Is Doing Great star praised:

“With the genius of their editing, you have to hand it to them, they really crafted this storyline.”

He then noted that the cast “had no idea they could pull certain parts of our sentences and then put them together” to make “a storyline that fit their narrative.” Meanwhile, Kristin said she was “always the bad guy” and never had a way to get her side of the story while Laguna Beach was airing in the early 2000s. Ultimately, she believed things would have been a lot different if social media sites like Twitter or Instagram had been around back then:

“They got so lucky that we didn’t have social media at that time because you know I would have been all over that thing going ‘This didn’t happen here’ and ‘That’s not true.’”

This certainly would have made for even more entertaining drama back in the day! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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