Stassi Schroeder Weighs In On ‘Evil’ Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Affair!

Stassi Schroeder is SO heated over Scandoval! Who isn’t, TBH?!

On Wednesday’s episode of her Straight Up With Stassi podcast, the Vanderpump Rules alum just HAD to get into the juicy drama that’s been going down with her friends and former colleagues over in the Bravo universe!

Yes, we’re talking about Tom Sandoval’s affair with co-star Raquel Leviss, which has sent the entire cast into a frenzy as they come to terms with what’s really been going on between the pair behind closed doors. According to reports, Tom’s former girlfriend, Ariana Madix, was being a doting partner by supporting her beau at a concert last Wednesday when she discovered he and Raquel have been hooking up behind her back for MONTHS!

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Obviously, she dumped his ass and pretty much all of VPR has landed on #TeamAriana, including Stassi, who was booted from the show in 2020 due to racism allegations. In the brand new podcast, the 34-year-old reality star addressed the viral controversy, saying:

“What a f**king week, you guys! I don’t know where to begin. I feel so uncomfortable talking about this stuff, but I’ve never gotten more DMs in my life. So, I just want to start off by saying, I think it goes without saying, Team Ariana! There shouldn’t actually even be a choice. There is no choice! Not up for debate.”

LOLz! She then prefaced her hour-long hot take on the ordeal by reminding fans:

“For the most part, this world is not my life anymore. Drama isn’t my life anymore. I don’t know how to digest it.”

So, getting into her thoughts!! When the headlines first broke last week, Stassi had no intentions of discussing it on her pod since she knows the cast so well and because “it’s too personal for Ariana,” but as things have only gotten worse and worse over the last few days, she felt she had no choice but to share her opinion — and she didn’t hold back!

The former Bravolebrity began by slamming Raquel for being so disrespectful to Ariana, especially since they appeared to be BFFs! She argued:

“It’s all so evil. Seven months, doing this for seven months behind someone who you consider your best friend. I mean, she just did podcast episodes in New York on Wednesday — the day that Ariana found all of this out! — talking about how Ariana is one of her true, real friends. How Ariana is one of the only people that welcomed her.”

It is pretty crazy!! What a massive stab to the back! How Raquel was even able to speak so positively about Ariana without feeling guilty AF is astounding to us! Stassi addressed this more, adding:

“Knowing what she’s been doing for over half a year and to be able to be like that, it’s an evil that I haven’t met before. With both her and Tom. This is an evil I have not been introduced to before. Everything I thought I knew of evil wasn’t.”


Elsewhere in the episode, the fashion blogger broke down some of the show’s latest entanglements leading up to this affair drama. Specifically, she brought up the fact that Leviss had made out with her now-boyfriend’s best friend Tom Schwartz at Scheana Shay’s wedding to Brock Davies in August 2022. Schwartz’s divorce from Katie Maloney wasn’t finalized until October 2022, but he confirmed the hookup at the time and insisted they weren’t dating. Still, many viewers found the whole situation odd, and now we know why it came across as so strange! Stassi mused:

“If Raquel was genuinely interesting in Schwartz, and Schwartz is single, OK. Raquel doesn’t have to be loyal to Katie. But this was weird. Everything about it was weird, and now to me, it makes so much sense because she didn’t give a f**k! Because she was in love with Tom Sandoval and hooking up with him the whole time behind Ariana’s back. Like what the f**k?! Also, while she was sleeping in the other room? Like can you try to be original?”

Targeting Tom next, Stassi argued:

“We all knew that Sandoval was an incredibly selfish, narcissistic and egotistical person who spent ten years trying to convince everyone he was the good guy. You have to be a new level of evil to do this to someone who has been nothing but a wonderful partner to you.”

She added:

“That was my first text to my producers, ‘I’m not going to lie, this good guy act that he has gotten away with for 10 years too long.’”

Similarly, she shared:

“One of the things Tom hated about me is that he thought I was protected [by the show]. I always felt that way about him. I was like, ‘But you are protected. I know you are doing all this shady s**t and no one ever bothers to look into it.’ Andy Cohen loves him. I wonder if Andy Cohen still does.”

There’s no more hiding for Tom now! His dirty laundry is out there for all to see! As for Andy, he’s had a LOT to say already, but not so much when it comes to Tom.

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Stassi’s co-host then asked a very inneresting question, wondering if an “EP” or someone behind the scenes may have “produced” this scandal to give the show some much-needed attention after having “a couple of hard years” in terms of viewership. Stassis was adamant that nothing about this was “fake,” noting:

“Absolutely not. The thing about Vanderpump Rules and what made it so great, and at times so bad, is that it’s so real. When people say, ‘last season sucked so bad,’ well, that’s cause that was the stuff going on and it just happened to not be so interesting. They’re not making s**t up for storylines. That’s the beauty of Vanderpump Rules. And I know for a fact that Tom Sandoval would never go through with something that made him look bad just to keep the show going. Yeah, he would go in planning things and plan before reunions, […] but everything was to plan to make others look bad.”

We also know that Tom has threatened to stop filming after feeling like he was turning into the villain of the story! So, she seems to be onto something here. Why would he risk his reputation just for ratings?? Especially for something this problematic! She then compared the drama to a season 2 scandal, saying:

“You can’t even compare it to the whole Kristen [Doute] and Jax [Taylor] situation because this is four trillion times worse. […] A 10-year relationship where you own a home together — they are married.”

To hear Stassi get into the drama even further, listen to her full podcast HERE. You can also check out some other snippets (below)!


This is not a drill! ???? Stassi Schroeder dropped an hour long podcast episode to share her thoughts about Scandoval. Podcast name – Straight Up With Stassi ???? It’s worth a listen. ???????? @stassischroeder ✨

♬ original sound – Vanderpump Rules


This is not a drill! ???? Stassi Schroeder dropped an hour long podcast episode to share her thoughts about Scandoval. Podcast name – Straight Up With Stassi ???? It’s worth a listen. ???????? @stassischroeder ✨ #vanderpumprules #pumprules #teamariana

♬ original sound – Vanderpump Rules

Tom and Raquel have an uphill battle when it comes to making amends with their co-stars and struggling their way out of this drama, that’s for sure!! And it’s going to take a lot more than an apology. The hot takes just keep rollin’ in. What are your thoughts on Stassi’s stance? Let us know (below)!!

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