Southern Charm Star Naomie Olindo Confirms Hookup With Ex Craig Conover — But WHEN Was It??

We’re gonna need a full timeline check on this Southern Charm dating-slash-hookup drama!

Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover dated back in the day — for nearly three years, in fact — but the reality TV stars parted ways back in 2017 and were out of each other’s lives (reality TV show aside) for a while. That all changed, though, when the trailer for the new season of the hit Bravo series  revealed the 29-year-old Olindo and her former man hooked up again RECENTLY!!

Not only is it a notable connection for Naomie and the 33-year-old hunk, but Craig started dating fellow Bravolebrity Paige DeSorbo (pictured in inset, above, with Craig) last fall. Sooooo when was this hookup?? And should we be calling Conover out for this one?

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But wait… As it turns out, things are totally cool between the three reality TV stars! Naomie delivered the deets to People ahead of Thursday night’s Southern Charm series premiere, explaining that while she and Craig did hook up again recently following her split from Metul Shah, it all went down BEFORE Craig and Paige became an item! Referencing the hookup as a one-time thing, Naomie explained:

“Neither one of us ever thought we would get back together. This happened a year ago now and it was sort of a one or two-off situation where you just know each other and you’re comfortable around each other and you have some fun.”

Well that’s fun!

And if it happened “a year ago now,” that would mean it was in the weeks (or months?) before Craig started to really get more serious with Paige. Right? Right?!?! Interestingly, Olindo explained that there were actually some psychological positives to the final hookup:

“It was almost like, a bit of closure at the same time, because we had been together for so long and now we finally had a friendship again now that so much time had passed. But really, it was nothing more than that.”

Wow! That’s a 180 from her earlier stance on the end of their relationship…

But as reality TV tends to do, the ex-couple’s dalliance figures majorly into Southern Charm‘s storyline. That actually caught Naomie off guard! And she had to grapple with the consequences of the perception of the temporary pairing:

“I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal. I’d been gone for the show in a year and I kind of thought at first I was going to be able to come back and it would fly under the radar and nobody would know. But, it turns out with our group of friends, nothing really works like that. So yeah… ‘what happens in Vegas’ was discussed a lot.”

How did she not realize it would be a thing?! That’s, like, Bravo’s whole shtick! Ha!!

As reality TV fans will recall, Conover and DeSorbo started dating last year after filming Winter House. Craig had been in another relationship that “ended shortly after filming” the 2021 Summer House spin-off, and before he moved on to Paige. In that interim period, then, Craig and Naomie apparently got (briefly!) together for their tryst.

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Olindo readily acknowledged the awkward timing in her comments to People, explaining that all parties involved were trying to figure out how to navigate it as Craig and Paige ascended:

“You’ll see us navigate that a good bit because it was kind of hard to figure out, ‘Okay, what are the boundaries? How can I remain respectful to them, but still be in the same friend group?’ It was kind of hard to figure out what everyone’s comfortable with.”

Even though that, Naomie is all about Conover and DeSorbo’s relationship! Wishing nothing but the best for her ex and his new GF, the L’ABEYE clothing line founder said:

“They’re great together. I’m super-supportive of him, super-supportive of her. They’re really happy and it’s nice to see.”

Well we definitely love to see that!

Still, it’s kinda awkward to hook up with your ex of several years while starting to fall into a new (serious?) thing with another woman. Alas, what would Southern Charm be without all this dirt?! LOLz!!

[Image via Naomie Olindo/Craig Conover/Instagram]

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