Sorry, WHAT?! People Are Marinating Chicken In NyQuil???

TikTok has been a breeding ground for some of the coolest — and most questionable — trends. And we have to say, the new crazy of marinating your raw chicken in NyQuil is pretty questionable!

The food — dubbed as “sleepy chicken” by users — has caused quite the uproar. People on the app are pouring LOADS of the medicine over their food and letting it marinate before they cook it, with some of these avant-garde chefs claiming the recipe helps them with their cold symptoms.

Um, duh! NyQuil IS a cold medicine, after all…

But the trend has garnered so much attention the Food and Drug Administration has stepped in to warn against it! We have to say, cough syrup chicken doesn’t sound good to begin with, and now here’s even more reason to keep the meds away from your raw meet.

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The FDA says when medications are boiled they become more concentrated. More concentration equals more strength which can be dangerous — especially since the drug makes you drowsy. There’s also a risk of the boiling process changing the properties of the compound all together. Plus, inhaling vapors during the cooking of “sleepy chicken” can even cause lung damage!

Yeah, it’s just not safe. On top of everything else, the people in these videos are using way more than the recommended dosages — which is another problem in itself. You don’t want to overdose on dinner!

All in all, chicken is for cooking and eating. NyQuil is for treatment of sickness and to help you sleep. We good??

[Image via YouTube/Vicks]

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