Shereé Whitfield Faces Backlash As Her Overpriced Clothing Site CRASHES — 14 Years After First Fashion Show Fail!

Is it time for Shereé Whitfield to give up on her fashion dreams?!

After making fans wait 14 years (!!!) for her clothing brand She By Shereé’s first launch, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s debut was perhaps a bigger mess than her first attempt over a decade ago!

As Real Housewives stans know, back in 2008, the reality TV personality attempted to put on her first fashion show — but it was a disaster!! The night before the show, the designer only had FIVE pieces of clothing to share on the runway. She was waiting on 19 more pieces to arrive, which thankfully got there in time… but they didn’t exactly help her cause. Her friend Dwight Eubanks even infamously called the whole thing a “fashion show with no fashions.” Oof!

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Get a blast from the past (below)!

Things finally — 14 years later — seemed to be getting better when Shereé launched her website on Sunday, just as she successfully pulled off a She by Shereé fashion show during the RHOA’s season finale the same night. Except s**t quickly hit the fan BIG TIME!!!

After waiting with bated breath for over a decade to see what Shereé had in store for shoppers, fans were frustrated to discover the site crashed on its launch day! The designer can’t catch a break!! But just because the site seemingly saw a large number of buyers tune in for the launch doesn’t mean Shereé is selling much!!

Now fans seem equally furious over the crash and over what the businesswoman was trying to sell them! According to screen grabs, the launch included t-shirts for $142! Seriously!! She also reportedly tried to sell a gray two-piece sweatsuit for $130 — but it’s nearly identical to pieces available on Shein and Amazon!! Oh, and those will only put you out between $7 to $30, depending on where you buy!


A decade just for some pricey knockoffs?! Helllll no! Maybe that website crash was a blessing in disguise!

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Fans were fed up with the disastrous launch, taking to Twitter to hash out their disappointment. Take a look:

“Sis, ‘the shop’ on the website isn’t working. Do we have to wait 14 years for it to get fixed? #RHOA”

“Sheree had 3 items on that website (none of which we saw on the finale fashion show)…. And now the site doesn’t work. Sheree is a fool #RHOA”

“I went 2 the website 2see these joggers from season ONE of #RHOA and I don’t see a jogger, a shirt not even socks! I clicked on the shop link & nothing opened up. Dreams by Sheree is a joke! @KenyaMoore is laughing at your fake ass company & fake bae @andy 2 @IamSheree gotta go”

“I can’t believe I tried to buy imaginary joggers from a fictional clothing line ran by a delusion woman… this S**t by Sheree has to stop #RHOATL”

“Sheree is crazy. She want $150 for a hoodie, and $125 for joggers. This s**t is! Website looks TERRIBLE. Just give it up auntie. #RHOA”

“So after 10+ years of no fashion, you just put your name in a look alike Jeffree Star logo, printed it in a Ali Express/Shein garment and charged it 130$?!”

“Nah you wrong for these Shein joggers and charging NIKE prices”


How the hell is the 52-year-old gonna fix this?! For now, she’s mostly focused on the website — and completely ignoring all the negative backlash! Taking to social media to address the crash, the Bravolebrity thanked fans for their outpouring of “love,” writing on Sunday as the site was down:

“Due to the overwhelming interest in She By Shereé the influx of love is crashing the website!! But please understand its being worked on so continue to check back in within the next 24 hours. We r working to get this quickly resolved. We wish to serve you soon. Thank you for your interest. Thanks to the customers whom we were able to serve so far tonight.”

An “influx of love” is not what we would call this PR nightmare!! It seems like more than a website upgrade is needed now! The only one happy with the launch is her boss Andy Cohen who snagged a sweatshirt of his own (below).


Something tells us he may have pulled some strings to get that — and not gone through the internet. As of this writing on Tuesday afternoon, the website is still down.

Thoughts?! Will you be purchasing any of these items when/if you can?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Shereé Whitfield/Instagram & Andy Cohen/Twitter]

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