Shakira Seemingly Blames Gerard Piqué For Tax Problems & Calls Out His Girlfriend In Fiery New Song!

Shakira is taking shots at her ex Gerard Piqué via her new music once again.

On Wednesday, the singer dropped her latest single, BZRP Music Sessions #53, with DJ Bizarrap — but don’t get the upbeat tune twisted, this song acts as yet another jab at her ex! And she goes HARD!

In the track, the singer calls out an unnamed ex for moving on with a new girlfriend and even leaving her with a legal mess. All things Shakira is openly dealing with after accusations the soccer star cheated on her and moved on with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti last year. She’s also dealing with a nasty tax evasion lawsuit against the Spanish government, so, she’s salty AF and letting it all out in the lyrics.

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In the song, which was translated from Spanish, the 45-year-old begins by slamming her former partner for giving her “the worst version of you” during their time together, before noting:

“I was out of your league, that’s why you’re with someone just like you.”

OOF! Proving just how done she is with the 35-year-old, she continued:

“I won’t get back with you, not if you cry, not even if you beg me.”

Elsewhere, the performer hinted at the legal drama, saying her ex left her with “my mother-in-law as my neighbor, the press at my door, and debt with the government.” Jeez! If you didn’t know, Shakira has been accused of failing to pay more than $14 million in taxes while supposedly being a resident of Spain from 2012 to 2014. She has denied the claims, calling it a “smear campaign.” This is the first time she’s ever blamed it on Gerard — and if it’s true, holy s**t, no wonder she’s pissed at him!

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Despite using the majority of the song to put the athlete ex on blast, Shakira attempted to find the bright side in the sad scenario, adding:

“You thought you hurt me, but you made me stronger. No hard feelings, I wish you good luck with my so-called replacement.”

But then she quickly went back to getting revenge! Calling out the player’s new girl, she sang:

“I don’t even know what happened to you. You’re so weird I can’t even recognize you. I’m worth two 22-year-olds. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio. You’re all worked up, slow down. So much time at the gym, but maybe work out your brain a bit too.”

LMAO! The Zootopia star went on to open up about how challenging this split has been for her, claiming she feels like a “hostage” in her own home because of the drama. She had a suggestion to fix this, musing:

“I can be out by tomorrow and be my guest if you want to move her in too.”


It’s very inneresting timing for a lyric like this since just last week, Gerard was put on blast after fans seemed to find confirmation his rumored affair had been going on a lot longer than previously thought! In a 2021 interview he held from his home via Zoom, a woman was seen walking through the frame — but it’s not Shakira (who was out of town at the time)! A source told Page Six Shakira was aware of the “devastating” discovery. Oof.

She’s serious about the move, too. In November, the Hips Don’t Lie artist and the athlete settled on a custody agreement for their shared sons, Sasha and Milan. At the same time, Shakira decided she and the kids would be leaving Barcelona and moving to Miami. A source told TMZ, “after 8 years of living in Barcelona,” the mother and sons will now “move back to her longtime home of Miami, where all the maternal family is.” So, she’s certainly trying to rebuild her life — as far from Gerard as possible. And when it comes to her music? Nothing is off limits! Ch-ch-check out the new track (below)!

Pretty brutal! It seems like the Colombian is really turning to her music to help her get through this difficult time for her family! In October, she also released a heartbreaking (literally) music video for her single Monotonía — all about how her heart has been blown to bits over the breakup. We really feel for her! Reactions?!

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