Shakira Left ‘Heartbroken’ & Desperately Trying To Shield Kids From ‘Negative’ News Regarding Gerard Piqué & His New Rumored GF!

This has just not been Shakira’s year…

The pop star is currently in the throes of it as she tries to shield her kids from seeing all the negative press about her and ex Gerard Piqué amid their messy AF split!

And with the soccer star continuing to turn heads by making appearances with his rumored new girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti, it’s getting harder and harder for the 45-year-old singer to avoid the situation! Not to mention she’s also dealing with a dramatic legal fight! Oof!

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On Thursday, a source opened up about how “heartbroken” Shakira is after the first photos of Gerard and his new 23-year-old girlfriend made headlines! A man appearing to be the Barcelona-based footballer was seen sharing a kiss with a younger woman at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Spain last Friday. Specifically, the pair were caught getting cozy during a Dani Martín concert, which you can see HERE.

And that wasn’t all…

Shakira 'Said To Be Furious' After Ex Gerard Piqué's Rumored New GF Allegedly Posts & Deletes Taunting Vid!!
/ (c) Clara Chia Marti/Instagram

Before the PDA moment, an Instagram video of the PR student (screenshot above), who works at the athlete’s company, went viral because it appeared to show the woman in a tiny black bikini dancing to Shakira’s new single Te Felicito! Though it’s unclear if the music might have been added on after the fact by a fan looking to cause trouble. Either way, it stirred up a lot of drama — and Shaki’s not happy about it!

Addressing the breakup and ongoing custody battle of the exes’ kids Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, Us Weekly’s source continued on Thursday:

“She just wants what’s best for the kids and is trying to keep them away from hearing and seeing all the negative things in the news about her.”

While the legal matter has gotten “messy” as they continue to figure out the details of the custody arrangement, the Zootopia star’s grateful to have her children by her side through it all:

“She is happy to have her kids to lean on as this is a tough time for her.”

We can’t imagine how challenging it must be to keep a brave face for her kids! We mean, her longtime relationship just combusted and now she has to watch the 35-year-old quickly move on with a much younger woman — whom he may or may not have been seeing before they called it quits since cheating allegations hit the internet just before the couple confirmed their breakup in June. They’ve still yet to address those rumors, though. Hmm.

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Meanwhile, the Waka Waka performer has other pressing matters on her mind. The Columbian native may soon be facing a trial for tax evasion! As we’ve reported, Spanish prosecutors accused her in 2018 of defrauding the government of $15 million from 2012 to 2014. Officials alleged she claimed to live in the Bahamas when she was really living in Catalonia. Prosecutors now want a $23.5 million fine from the Grammy winner — and last month, one person called for a stiff eight-year prison sentence for the artist! According to court docs obtained by Reuters, the prosecutor began seeking a sentence after Shakira rejected a settlement offer.

Ahhh, should we be worried for her now?! Maybe not…

The singer’s rep told the outlet the songwriter’s not worried and “is fully confident of her innocence.” Shakira also supposedly considers the tax case “a total violation of her rights.” She claims she paid 17.2 million euros to the Spanish tax office so her debt is cleared. Jeez. This is a lot for her to be dealing with at once! Reactions!?

[Image via 60 Minutes/YouTube & Shakira/Gerard Piqué/Instagram]

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