Secret Life Of The American Teenager Star Hit With Restraining Order After Ugly Breakup & Nude Leak Allegations

The ex-girlfriend of actor Daren Kagasoff has requested and obtained a temporary restraining order against the TV and movie star.

Kagasoff, who starred in The Secret Life of the American Teenager early in his on-camera career, is the focus of the restraining order granted by a judge this week. This comes as allegations surfaced that Kagasoff had allegedly been stalking his ex and threatening to leak her nude pictures following a bad split.

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According to TMZ, who first reported on the existence of the restraining order early on Sunday morning, Kagasoff was in a relationship with a woman named Breanna Trupiano. The couple split up last July, though. Trupiano claimed in the newly-filed court docs that at the time of their split, Daren allegedly “threw a lit cigarette in my hair” and then “told me he was going to kill me.”


The pair went their separate ways, but the breakup wasn’t simple — or safe, says Trupiano. After they broke up, the woman claimed in the court docs that Daren allegedly “stalked my work and apartment for 7 months.” Eventually, she filed a police report, and he backed off — for a while.

Months after things seemingly calmed down, Trupiano moved on with another relationship. But when she posted a pic of her new boyfriend to her Instagram account, she alleges that the actor supposedly started to harass her once again. That time, the star supposedly made fake accounts on the social media site to track her. He even supposedly threatened to post nude pictures of her online, according to the allegations in the restraining order request.

Even worse, Trupiano claims it was Kagasoff who used a “burner” phone to send nude pictures to her parents. Holy s**t!!

Now, the woman is scared of living safely with the actor supposedly ratcheting up the harassment. In her restraining order request, she lays it out simply for the judge:

“I’m scared of what he may do next.”

A judge evidently agreed, and ordered the actor to stay at least 100 yards away from the woman. He also isn’t allowed to make any contact with her in person or online. At the very least, it also appears she has deleted or altered her Instagram account following this situation.

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The actor’s rep pushed back against the allegations, though. In a statement to the news org, the spokesperson simply said the stalking and harassment claims are “categorically not true.”

Kagasoff’s career has slowed some since he was on the hit TV show from 2008 through 2013. Even so, he has a new movie called Devotion coming out in late November. It is about U.S. Navy fighter pilots serving in the Korean War.

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