Scott Disick Romance Causing MAJOR Problems Between Kimberly Stewart & Her Brother!

Trouble in paradise… already?!

When we first heard Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart were dating, we were more concerned with the Kardashians’ thoughts on the matter, considering Kimberly was the one who first set up Scott and Kourtney Kardashian way, way back! But it turns out the Stewarts are the family we should have been paying attention to!

Unfortunately for the lovebirds, it seems their budding relationship is already causing major issues with Kimberly’s fam! Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like her parents, singer Rod Stewart and model Alana Stewart, are the ones with the issue. It’s actually Kimberly’s brother Sean Stewart who could pose problems!

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On Friday, Page Six heard from a source who said Scott’s rekindled relationship with Kimberly is causing a strain between her and her brother — who is also Scott’s friend! Oof. If you didn’t know, Sean and Scott have been friends for a long time and the 42-year-old was the one who introduced the Talentless founder to his sister. Maybe not his best decision looking back since he’s now having a super hard time sharing his bestie with her!

According to the insider, Sean is “very protective” of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum. Apparently, despite public appearances together, Kimberly and Sean “do not get along at all” — a rift that is causing Sean to be worried Scott will get hurt by his older sis. The confidant dished:

“Sean is very protective of Scott. He probably is scared that Kimberly will break his heart.”

Aw! Sweet to be looking out for him!

What’s the deal with the siblings, though? Surely it doesn’t all have to do with Scott, right? The source went on to claim Kimberly can be rude toward her brother, adding:

“She doesn’t think he’s smart or has any ambition.”

Ouch! A bit harsh!

Sean has reportedly reacted to her criticism publicly in the past, only making matters worse. The insider continued:

“He was constantly complaining about her. She bosses him around, yells at him and basically tries to tell him how to run his life.”

Kimberly is also reportedly “jealous” of her younger brother, especially after his newly launched clothing line, Dirty Weekend, received so much attention. Adding Scott into the equation can’t help, the source mused:

“Her relationship with Scott can’t make things any easier between the two siblings either.”

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to be in the middle of this feud! Another source also chimed in on the issues, noting the three of them have a “super dysfunctional” relationship and that the siblings have always had an “up and down” connection. Sounds complicated!

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With Scott reconnecting with both Sean and Kimberly, splitting his time is a big part of the problem, the insider noted:

“Now that Scott is back [in Sean’s life], Sean is being overly greedy about the time he’s spending with him.”

Whew. Messy! Reps for Disick and the Stewarts didn’t respond for comment. The new couple has been confirmed to be dating since August, after previously sparking romance rumors in 2015 following Scott’s split from Kourtney, whom he shares three kids with. Despite speculation, the pair were apparently just friends at the time. Not anymore!

When it was announced they’d finally taken things out of the friend zone earlier this summer, a source told Page Six:

“It’s not really surprising that she’d take him back. He had to go back to his roots because he doesn’t have the stability [he used to with the Kardashians], so this was an easy way in.”

Kourt’s been very open about her desire to fade Scott out of her life — and from her famous family’s ever-popular TV series — as she moves on with her husband Travis Barker, and it’s definitely had Scott in his feels! So, we understand why he’d decide to reunite with people from his past. But will Sean and Kimberly’s sibling rivalry make it impossible for them to grow their relationship!? What do you think? Sound OFF (below)!

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