Scott Disick & Daughter Penelope Jump In On Hilarious ‘Excuse Me, Brah’ TikTok Trend — LOOK!

Looks like Scott Disick and his daughter Penelope Disick are having a little fun online!

There’s a new TikTok trend going around that harkens back to the legendary 2001 film Zoolander. On Wednesday, the 39-year-old KUWTK alum and his 10-year-old daughter decided to take part in it. So, they published a video to the TikTok account P shares with her mom, Scott’s ex Kourtney Kardashian, and the clip is VERY funny!!

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First, the trend! TikTokers all over the world are jumping in on an “excuse me, brah” video challenge. The new viral meme references back to a scene from Zoolander in which Ben Stiller‘s male model character Derek Zoolander bumps into Owen Wilson‘s character Hansel.

The duo exchange a tense interaction punctuated by the memorable “excuse me, brah” comment, leaving Zoolander to stew over their budding rivalry. If you haven’t seen the movie — or have and still want to relive the hilarity anyways — here’s a good rundown of the iconic scene on which this new TikTok trend is based:


EXCUSE ME BRAHH… #zoolandermeme #original #aftereffects

♬ Excuse me BRUHH – Castro????????

Pretty funny, right?! And social media users  have been recreating that clip while remixing it with music to offer a fresh new take on the two-decade-old movie. So on Wednesday, it was time for the Talentless founder and his talented daughter to do the same!

In their clip, Scott plays the role of Hansel while P portrays protagonist Derek Zoolander. When they bump into each other, and Scott offers the patented “excuse me, brah” line, Penelope replies sarcastically right on cue:

“You’re excused and I’m not your brah.”

As you can see (below), the duo pulls it off perfectly! Scott even offers up a HIGHlarious shot of his puckered “blue steel” male modeling face pulled from the same movie:


Excuse me, Bruh

♬ Excuse me BRUHH – Castro????????


Kourt has turned off comments on the TikTok account she shares with her daughter, but we know followers have been loving the video. Some KarJenner fan social media accounts reposted the video, and followers gave their approval of P’s acting skills, Scott’s Zoolander move, and more:

“Penelope is so pretty and underrated! Love her acting skills at the end!”

“penelope got scott to make a tik tok with her i’ll cry he’s so funny”


Clearly, the clip is resonating with more fans. Even despite Kourt’s commenting limitations, it has more than 3 million views after being up for just about 24 hours!! Love that! And it’s so great to see Scott loving quality time with his kids, considering he’s been out of the public eye more recently. He looks pretty amazing, too!

What do y’all think about it, Perezcious readers?! Impressed by Scott’s acting?? P is no slouch, either! Sound OFF with your take on this funny TikTok trend down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Penelope Disick & Kourtney Kardashian/TikTok/Paramount Movies/YouTube]

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