Scorpion Star Elyes Gabel Accused Of Rape By Ex-Girlfriend Who Says He Assaulted Her While She Slept

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The star of the television show Scorpion is being accused of rape by an ex-girlfriend — and she’s seeking a permanent restraining order against him, as well.

Elyes Gabel, who played the computer genius lead in all four seasons of the hit CBS show from 2014 through 2018, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he dated this Summer. She filed a criminal complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department, obtained by The Blast, in which she recounted the whole alleged ordeal.

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She says on July 3 of this year Gabel, then her ex-boyfriend, had unprotected sex with her “while [she] was asleep” and unable to give consent — and then threatening to seek revenge if she outed him. The woman, who has not been publicly identified, stated:

“He raped me while I was asleep. I woke up with him inside of me. He threatened to tell the police I ‘forced myself on him.’ He also didn’t use a condom without my consent.”

The police report was filed about three weeks after the alleged incident occurred, according to The Blast.

In the affidavit, the reporting officer noted some more specifics of the allegation. The incident reportedly occurred after a night hanging out with friends at her place, when Gabel was too drunk to drive home:

“Victim was in contact with her ex-boyfriend [Gabel] via text and invited him to come over and hang out. Shortly after the suspect’s arrival they ordered pizza and were hanging out with her friends… the victim offered that the suspect stay the night because he had been drinking and she did not want him to drive under the influence. The suspect agreed to spend the night at the victim’s residence.”

Then, around 4:00 a.m., the victim claimed she was abruptly awoken.

In the report, the LAPD officer describes what the woman told the department about the alleged assault:

“Her underwear was pulled down to her knees and she could smell and feel oil all over her body. … The suspect then got on top of her [from behind] and began inserting his erected penis inside her vagina for approximately 30 seconds to one minute (the victim said the suspect penetrated her vagina with his erected penis approximately 5-10 times.)”


She then confronted the Game Of Thrones alum about the incident, but Gabel denied having done anything wrong:

“Shortly after, the suspect stopped. The victim then asked the suspect, ‘why am I covered in oil?’ The suspect replied, ‘we had sex.” The victim replied, “how? I was asleep.’ The victim explained to the suspect that the sex they had was not consensual because she was asleep, the suspect became defensive and said, ‘are you accusing me of rape?’ The suspect told the victim that during the incident she was awake and she is the one who rubbed her butt on his penis. The victim denied the suspect’s statements.”

When she persisted that something untoward had happened, he continued to disagree. At that point, the woman requested he get an emergency contraceptive, which the star apparently didn’t want to do:

“I confronted him and he became aggressive so I diffused the situation and confronted him again in the morning. I asked him to please go get Plan B emergency contraceptive and he fought me on that before eventually doing it.”


The Blast notes that because the woman reported the crime “approximately 20 days” after it allegedly occurred, officers did not send her to the hospital to have a rape kit done.

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They did offer her an emergency protective order, though. At the time, she declined the LAPD’s offer, choosing only to complete the police report. The officer detailing the incident explained the woman’s apparent line of thinking in initially turning down that temporary protective order:

“At first the victim was reluctant to provide my partner with the suspect’s personal information because he is a ‘celebrity’ and she did not want to get him in trouble because she cares about him.”

Inneresting. In the months since then, though, things have obviously changed. Now, a judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the World War Z actor. He must stay at least 100 yards away from the alleged victim and her home.

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As for Gabel’s side of the story, his spokesperson issued a statement to The Blast explicitly denying the allegations:

“There is absolutely no truth to these claims. Elyes was romantically involved with this individual for many months — and her allegations are simply false.”

The two will meet again in court on November 2, according to the news org, where a judge will determine whether that order needs to be extended beyond the temporary phase.

The outlet further notes it is “unclear” where the criminal investigation currently stands.

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