Scheana Shay Claims Raquel Leviss Had Sex WHERE?!

The revelations are still coming out from Scheana Shay‘s most recent podcast episode!

Of course, we’ve been covering all the s**t that has been flowing over the last couple days since Scheananigans first aired its latest ep back on Friday. The 37-year-old Vanderpump Rules star had her longtime co-star and close pal Lala Kent on the show to dish all about the fallout from Raquel Leviss‘ affair with Tom Sandoval.

And now, it turns out Raquel was allegedly doing some seriously shady stuff even before Scandoval ever started popping off!!

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During Friday’s podcast shocker, Brock Davies‘ wife recalled a time where she offered the 28-year-old Leviss a place to stay after she split from fellow VPR star James Kennedy. Scheana let Raquel to stay at her apartment after she broke up with James back in December of 2021. And Leviss used that time — and that space — to get back on her feet and hook up with new guys while getting over the end of her relationship.

On the podcast ep, Shay explained how she first found out about those trysts:

“I remember her telling me how I was supposed to be happy for her the first time she had sex after James. And I was like, ‘where exactly?’ And she was like, ‘oops.’ So I said, ‘in my bed? You have your own room. I know it is a daybed pull-out, but you have your own room.’”

Ummmm not great! And then it got even worse!!

Scheana recalled what Raquel told her next:

“And she said, ‘well we also did it on the kitchen counter.’ And I was like, ‘where I set my baby’s high chair and feed her? I gave you this apartment to live in, not to have sex all over.’ So disrespectful.”


Shay continued from there, letting her frustrations really fly as Lala listened on in shock and horror:

“Good people don’t do this to people who take care of them. I gave her a home when she didn’t have anywhere to go. And when I found out she was having sex with some random guy in my bed that I would sleep in with my husband and my baby, I was like, ‘can you please just remember to wash the sheets when I get home?’ I had to remind her to do common, decency things.”

Seriously. It’s one thing to stay in someone’s apartment as a guest — and then to hook up with a guy or whatever. But to do it all in the host’s bed?! And on the kitchen counter???


Even if you hypothetically clean really well after the deed is done, that seems like a breach of privacy and trust to us. And having random people over in their house takes the matter to its own level, too. Ya know?!

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For her part, Lala agreed. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder explained how VPR pal Katie Maloney has offered Kent “her guest room to bring boys” after her own split from Randall Emmett, but she has turned it down:

“It is so disrespectful and disgusting. Even Katie has offered me her guest room to bring boys to and I am like, ‘I would not do that to you.’”

Gotta be a good houseguest and all!

What’s your take on Leviss’ alleged love-making moves here, Perezcious readers??

Shay is definitely piling on a bit right now after her own shocking spat with Raquel — and that whole restraining order drama. But still, is a houseguest hookup like this a bridge too far??

Sound OFF with all your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

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