Savannah Chrisley’s BF Robert Shiver Reveals Shocking New Details About Ex-Wife Who Allegedly Tried To Murder Him!

Savannah Chrisley‘s boyfriend Robert Shiver just delivered shocking new details to a court in the Bahamas regarding the ongoing case against his ex-wife Lindsay Shiver.

For those who don’t know, Lindsay has been accused of a murder-for-hire plot against Robert. Scary stuff!

The 38-year-old former college football star wrote a two-page statement about the case which was delivered to the court and Lindsay’s defense attorneys last Friday in Nassau. According to, which first revealed contents of this court filing on Tuesday afternoon, the new details are truly jaw-dropping.

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For one, per the new doc, Robert explained to cops that Lindsay would get “loads of money” if he were to suddenly die, and his understanding that Lindsay knew this as their marriage crumbled made him fear for his life both in their native state of Georgia and on the islands. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Elsewhere in the document, Robert claimed Lindsay had been cheating on him for some time longer than we knew. He said his wife of 13 years once snuck an 18-year-old lover into their vacation home. It happened at their beach place in the island paradise of Abaco in the summer of 2022. And the only way he found out about it is by looking at her Apple Watch!! He confronted Lindsay with the affair discovery then, but she managed to convince him to give their marriage a second chance for the sake of their sons — ages four, 10, and 11.

But the second chance didn’t go so well either, obviously. In February of this year, Robert uncovered a second fling. This one is the biggie, too — she was allegedly cheating with a 28-year-old Bahamian bartender named Terrance Adrien Bethel. He has since been arrested as Lindsay’s purported co-conspirator in the murder-for-hire plot. Also charged is 29-year-old Faron Newbold Jr., a pal of Bethel’s who was allegedly recruited for the failed hit job.

Robert’s new document does not reveal how he found out about Lindsay’s fling with Bethel. Nor does Daily Mail‘s reveal indicate how the Apple Watch snooping in the summer of 2022 led to him learning about Lindsay’s first affair. Was it seeing her texts? Or tracking her location?! Or… her heart rate??? There are lots of ways tech is crimping cheaters’ style these days.

The former college football long snapper’s case is now in the hands of Bahamian prosecutors. Per the news outlet, the courtroom showdown may be an uphill battle for them. Nowhere in Robert’s dossier is there any mention of a murder weapon, or a method for the killing. The entire case to this point hinges on a few key text messages between Lindsay and Bethel, as well as one from her to Newbold in which she allegedly typed “kill him” with pictures of Robert attached. Plus, there’s her confession to cops in which she claimed to have told Bethel that she “wanted to kill Robert.” The Bahamian man allegedly replied that he “understood” and “wanted to kill him also,” per Lindsay’s police interview.

However, Lindsay told cops during that sit-down that any talk of killing Robert was “said out of anger and frustration” over the fact that he had filed for divorce from her back in April. And people do tend to use that kind of hyperbolic speech when they’re angry. Hard to prove she meant it without some kind of attempt being made or money being exchanged.

And sources close to Lindsay also just revealed to the Daily Mail that she denies having cheated on him and instead claims their marriage was kaput before she began dating other people. Hmmm…

As for Lindsay, she was in attendance on Friday at Nassau Magistrates Court when Robert’s document was delivered, but she did not comment on the record or to the media. She and her two co-conspirators are facing up to 60 years in jail if found guilty. They will appear before a Bahamian Supreme Court judge next week to enter their pleas. Per the news outlet, the justice system in the Bahamas is notoriously overburdened, and cases quite often take more than three years just to make it to trial. Yikes.

At least we know Robert is in good hands now in his fast-growing relationship with Savannah. Other than that… oof. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Share ’em in the comments (below).

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