Rosie O’Donnell Addresses Her Absence From The View’s Barbara Walters Tribute

Rosie O’Donnell is opening up about why she missed The View’s tribute to Barbara Walters.

Less than a week after the trailblazer’s death, many of the women connected to Barbara through the daytime show she created shared their thoughts in an emotional moment on Tuesday. However, Rosie was noticeably missing… While she may not have been present for the onscreen tribute, that doesn’t mean the 60-year-old hasn’t been mourning the major loss in private.

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In a Tuesday TikTok, the former host addressed a fan who noted they were looking for her during the tribute. She explained in her upload: 

“Yeah, they invited me, but I wasn’t able to make it.”

She continued:

“You know, I didn’t want to be in a big group of people — I was worried that I would get upset and um, didn’t want to do that, so, there you go.”

Aw! People definitely have to grieve in their own ways… She later uploaded the TikTok to her Instagram page, which you can see (below):

Friends and fans alike quickly flooded Rosie’s comments with support, understanding the weight of the situation, and how difficult it would be to address it on live TV. Actress Debi Mazar wrote: 

“Mourning is personal & PRIVATE A display for PR purposes is kind of vulgar, in my opinion. Barbara ADORED you. Remember when she came backstage after your wonderful performance in The Vagina Monologues? She came just for you.”

Another fan commented:

“I’m glad you were invited… I think your post was a beautiful loving tribute to Barbara. No obligation for you to be there, we all can only do what we are able to do.”

We previously covered Rosie’s initial reaction to the late journalist’s death, which she shared with viewers last Friday. She said at the time: 

“Very sad to hear about Barbara Walters’ passing — although, 93, man, who wouldn’t take that? What a long and eventful legendary life she had. Spoke to every prominent world leader in memory, interviewed everyone who’s anyone, and I was lucky enough to be in her orbit for a good many years.”

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She then sweetly reflected on some of the good times the two spent together:

“We saw a lot of Broadway shows together, and whenever we’d go backstage, I’d, like, try to help her, you know, over the steps backstage and she would always smack my hand and tell me to leave her alone. She knew what she was doing, I could tell you that.”

The mother of five concluded her address:

“May she rest in peace and may everyone remember just what barriers she broke down for women. She really did, she was the first, and will always be remembered.”

See that full video (below):

Our thoughts are with Rosie and all who loved Barbara during this difficult time. Rest in peace to a legend.

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