Rod Stewart’s Son Sean Hospitalized After Being ‘Hit By A Truck’!

Holy s**t!

Rod Stewart’s son sounds lucky to be alive today! Sean Stewart suffered a truly scary accident on Monday, taking to his Instagram Story to deliver the terrifying news shortly after the incident. The 42-year-old snapped a photo of himself in a hospital gown, neck brace, and face mask, revealing:

“got hit by a truck at a red light.”


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Thankfully, based on the photo, it looked like he was already receiving medical attention and he seems to be doing okay, though he is “in a lot of pain.” He added:

“Hard out here on these streets.”


It’s unclear exactly what went down, but we’re just so glad things weren’t worse! Sean — who Rod shares with his first wife, Alana Stewart — is already back home and resting, too! Later in the evening, he updated fans with a selfie from bed while his dog was comforting him. So sweet! Check it out (below).

Rod Stewart's Son Sean In Hospital After Being 'Hit By A Truck'!
(c) Sean Stewart/Instagram

Puppy love is the best kind of medicine!

Reps for Rod and Sean have yet to share more information on the accident and it’s unclear if he suffered any serious injuries. Last we heard about Sean earlier this month, he was fighting with his sister, Kimberly Stewart, as she struck up a relationship with his friend, Scott Disick. We hope the drama can be put aside as he heals. Better yet, perhaps this will be a chance for the siblings to come together. Either way, we are sending Sean our well wishes as he recovers!!!

[Image via Sean Stewart/Instagram & Real Time/YouTube]

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