Rhode Island Woman Stunned After Learning She Drove An HOUR With Naked Stranger In Her Backseat!

This poor woman was just trying to go to work when she discovered something that would rattle anyone to their core.

According to the Easton Police Department, the woman — whose identity is being kept private — drove 30 miles from Providence, Rhode Island to her workplace in Easton, Massachusetts Sunday night without knowing she was carrying additional cargo: an almost completely naked MAN!


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She didn’t notice the individual, who was reportedly asleep in the back of her car the whole time, until she arrived at her work parking lot. She had been listening to a podcast during her drive and just didn’t look at the floor of the backseat! Can you imagine??

The woman immediately called the police, who arrived at around 12:00 a.m. Monday and apprehended the man, who has since been identified as Jose Osorio. According to Police Chief Keith Boone via a Facebook press release:

“He was partially clothed, with a pair of shorts around one leg and a shirt wrapped around one arm, leaving the rest of his body uncovered.”

Yep, that’s pretty naked…

“It was apparent to the Officers that Osorio was extremely intoxicated and through an interpreter service, later learned that he had consumed a large amount of alcohol and marijuana earlier in the evening in Providence.”

That is absolutely TERRIFYING! Thankfully it sounds like he didn’t intend her any harm and was just looking for a place to crash while wasted.

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According to the report, the 21-year-old was able to enter the victim’s unlocked car during a brief moment she stepped away:

“The victim had started her vehicle at her Providence home approximately one hour earlier and returned inside the home for a short period of time. It was during that time that the suspect, later identified as Jose Osorio age 21 of Providence, Rhode Island, apparently entered the vehicle and fell asleep on the rear seat floor.”

The perpetrator was arrested by officer Brian Rooney and taken to police headquarters for booking, where he was charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle in the nighttime. Additionally, it was revealed that he already had an “outstanding warrant from Cranston, Rhode Island for a prior breaking & entering.”

The victim told authorities “Osorio had not threatened her in any way and she had not been injured,” but it’s still just SO frightening because you could never know for sure what his intention could have been while drunk, especially since he had attempted to remove his clothing. She added she “did not know Osorio and had never seen him before.” Talk about a scarring incident. We’re guessing she’ll check behind her every day for the rest of her life…

What do you think of this crazy story? How would you have reacted in the situation? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Images via Easton Police Department & Fox 5 Washington DC/YouTube]

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