RHOA Star Kandi Burruss Reveals Her Daughter Was Harassed By Bravo Fans With Nasty Online Rumors!

Kandi Burruss is getting real about what her family is going through online.

Real Housewives personalities across several of the hit Bravo shows have come together recently following major social media drama involving RHOBH cast member Garcelle Beauvais‘ 14-year-old son, Jax. As we previously reported, Jax revealed he’d been experiencing unbelievable cyber bullying from so-called fans of the hit Bravo show.

In the days since his and Garcelle’s reveal, other stars from the franchise have come out with tales of shocking racist behavior and other unfortunate online antics, as well. And now Kandi is speaking her piece.

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The 46-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star spoke to People for a piece published Tuesday night. In their chat, the reality TV veteran explained she has reached out to Garcelle to show support following the hateful comment controversy.

Kandi also shared that her 20-year-old daughter, Riley Burruss, has been bullied online by viewers of the show. Referencing Riley’s health struggles as a younger woman, the protective momma revealed:

“I despise it [the bullying]. It bothers me so much. Everybody already knows that Riley dealt with her weight issues growing up in the public eye. People would make comments on her body and say things about her personal look and it really boils my blood.”

Kandi added:

“The people who watch our show and who are on our show, sometimes they take things too far, and it’s not cool. It’s crazy. This is a TV show at the end of the day.”


Burruss added:

“Words definitely matter. I’ve seen one of my kids definitely get bullied multiple times.”

And she brought receipts, too. The songwriter and longtime music biz mogul revealed Riley recently had to deal with a nasty (and untrue) pregnancy rumor online as fans speculated about her weight:

“Somebody was posting that [Riley] was pregnant and she was so upset about it. She was like, ‘Where are they getting this information from? Here I was feeling good about myself and losing and getting my body where I want it to be, and now they’re posting that I’m pregnant?’ That’s crazy!”

Ugh. Just the worst. It truly IS crazy!

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Kandi didn’t short-change how she felt about it, either, saying:

“You can deal with anything for yourself, but you don’t want your kids to be bullied online. It’s just really terrible.”

Seriously. We don’t even know what the right move is for a parent in a situation like this. There’s not much you can realistically do in the moment. And yet the behavior is so damaging to the young people who are on the receiving end of the hate.

Where should Real Housewives cast members take it from here, y’all? Signing up for one of the franchise’s shows and hearing all the opinions from fans online is kind of part of the experience. (Within reason, of course.) But family members — ESPECIALLY minors — who aren’t part of the TV thing should be off limits. Shouldn’t they??

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