Reality TV Showed Brittany Snow What Her Husband Was REALLY Up To Behind Her Back!

We don’t know if we’ve ever seen a more clearcut case of reality TV destroying something real.

As you’ve probably heard, Brittany Snow and her husband Tyler Stanaland are getting divorced after about two and a half years of marriage. What happened? Netflix happened. More specifically, Tyler scored a role on the Selling Sunset followup Selling The OC. And what came next SUCKED!

As a source told People this week, the show truly “broke them” as a couple and while they might have had their problems beforehand this was undoubtedly “the final straw.” We mean… the show premiered on August 24, and Brittany announced their divorce three weeks later. We knew that wasn’t a coincidence. What happened though?!

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Another insider speaking to the outlet got a little closer to the heart of the matter, explaining:

“They’re fully over. All of the girls [on the show] are obsessed with him. He’s been trying to be really respectful but it’s taken a toll on his marriage 100 percent.”

OK, so they’re into him. The man is a former pro surfer and certified hunk, that must have always been true that women were into him. What’s the issue? Apparently his behavior when he wasn’t around his wife was not acceptable for a married man — and because he was on reality TV there was suddenly a record of it.

Obviously there’s the kissing scandal…

Tyler spilled on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast on the day of the show’s premiere about a couple incidents that weren’t on camera, claiming co-star Kayla Cardona tried to kiss him, allegedly telling him:

“No one has to know.”

He told podcast listeners he was totally innocent in all this, claiming:

“One night, Kayla did try and kiss me. And then it happened another night as well. And so on the show, out of respect for her, I am just kind of trying to minimize it and brush past it so that there isn’t drama. We can all focus on what we should be doing.”

But to hear Kayla tell it, this wasn’t an unprovoked attack, as it were. She told Us Weekly a week after he aired the dirty laundry:

“I’m not gonna flirt with someone if I don’t feel like I’m getting flirt[ed] with back. If I know that someone is definitely not interested — I have a lot more confidence in myself than to just throw myself at someone for no reason. I was definitely feeling the reciprocation back and, you know, multiple times. But nothing has ever happened.”

She added that everyone who worked at the agency was “flirting with everyone”:

“We’re all very strong personalities. We all flirt with each other.”

It’s that statement that may have been the bigger issue…

See, plenty of husbands and boyfriends probably act like they’re single when their significant others aren’t around, even if they don’t pull the trigger and full-on cheat. And mostly they get away with it. But Tyler was being filmed. It’s not like once Brittany gets suspicious she has to hire a private detective or anything — she can just turn on Netflix, and his exploits will get recommended to her.

Kayla even told Us Brittany should “100 percent” be concerned — only it wasn’t her she “should be worrying about” when it comes to Tyler, teasing:

“I think it’s clear on who she should be worried about.”

She was talking about Alex Hall. Tyler and Alex are often joined at the hip on the show, sometimes literally as the woman has been seen cuddling up to him and sitting in his lap. Not only that, she gave him “nosey” one time — making out only with his nose. Is it kissing? No. But it’s less than an inch away. We’d bet most wives wouldn’t be happy with that! As far as we’re concerned, getting a nosejob on any show that isn’t Botched is close enough to cheating for us.

You don’t have to tell us how you feel, y’all agree holding hands is cheating, so…

It’s something that even came up on the show as Kayla argued on camera it was inappropriate. It was that relationship he was defending on the show, the one with Alex.

Alex Hall on Selling The OC
Alex Hall on Selling The OC. / (c) Netflix/YouTube

How did Alex react to being dragged into the Kayla/Tyler offscreen drama? She brushed off the whole thing, saying:

“The only thing that Kayla could do at this point to surprise me is if she got a reality check. I can also assure you that Brittany is not ‘worried’ about me.”

That was less than two weeks before they broke up. Gurl was worried about someone.

All that is in addition to Polly Brindle stripping down and skinny dipping in front of Tyler on a dare. That’s less intimate, but it is more nekkid. If all this is sounding more like Bachelor In Paradise to you than a real estate show, we can’t blame you.

It’s no wonder “Brittany never wanted Tyler on the show” as another source told People. That insider explained about Stanaland:

“He wanted to make a name for himself on his own terms.”

Well, he’s done that now we guess! It really seems like reality TV gave Brittany a chance to see what kind of guy her man really was when she wasn’t around — and she was NOT Netflix and chill about it!

What do YOU think about Tyler’s behavior with other women on Selling The OC? Harmless TV fun? Or crossing the line?? Seems like we know where Brittany stands…

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