Ray J Admits Even Brandy ‘Didn’t Like’ His Controversial Tattoo Of Her Face!

Ray J has never been one not to share his opinions. So when people started coming for him earlier this month over his newest tattoo, the rapper wasn’t going to hold his tongue for long!

Of course, as we’ve been reporting, the 41-year-old drew all kinds of attention on social media last week after he revealed his newest ink on Instagram. The leg tattoo, done by famous artist Alexey ‘Mashkow’ Mashkov, depicted Ray J’s beloved older sister Brandy.

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The intention behind the tattoo was undoubtedly well-meaning. In the inked portrait of Brandy’s face, the words “Best Friends” and “4 Ever” are scrawled across her forehead and cheeks. So it was quite a show of the love Ray J has for his older sis!

However, the execution of the actual artwork was… interesting?? The messages ended up looking like bizarre tattoos on the Moesha star’s face. The whites of Brandy’s eyes in the tattoo caught most of the attention from social media users. They were done in bright pink and red, leaving her image with a bloodshot look. On social media, fans joked that she looked “cringy,” “demonic,” and “high,” among other reactions.

Well, it turns out Ray J has heard all those reactions. And he’s not happy about the conversation online!!!

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TMZ caught up with Kim Kardashian‘s famous ex at LAX on Thursday and asked him about the new ink. Just like always, Ray J didn’t hold back in his own defense:

“Listen, they’re tripping. It’s my leg! It’s my leg, it’s my sister!”

Ray J also spoke about the theory behind the bloodshot-looking eyes. Explaining how he wanted to encourage Mashkow’s personal style, the rapper said:

“If you check out Mashkow’s page, he is one of the dopest tattoo artists, and it’s hard to get him to tat you. He’s booked for like two years, right? I like the tattoo. That’s his style, you know what I’m saying? I can’t tell an artist not to put his signature on it.”

Not a bad point, we suppose. However, he did have to admit… Brandy herself was not a fan!

“She was a little uneasy about it.”

But for Ray J it was the thought that counts. He got reflective about how much Brandy means to his life and career, saying of his sister:

“But I love my sister, and that was just a symbol of me saying ‘thank you for putting me in.’ If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here. I’m humbled just to have her help me.”


That’s actually really sweet! Before walking away to board his flight, Brandy’s beloved little bro finished with some hope that the tattoo is “growing on her”:

“I love my sister. She didn’t like the tattoo either, but yes [it’s growing on her]. It’s growing on me! When you see my whole leg, you’ll understand. I’m getting my whole leg all the way down to my ankle tattooed.”

So it’s all good, then?? Guess we’ll see the plan for the rest of his leg soon enough… BTW, click HERE to watch that whole airport interaction with Ray J.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Ray J/Instagram/Complex/YouTube]

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