Quinton Simon’s Grandmother Arrested Too!

What is happening in this case?

After police finally found the remains of missing toddler Quinton Simon in a Georgia landfill, they arrested his mother, Leilani Simon, on a charge of murder. During the investigation, we learned the 22-year-old was the only suspect the police ever had — and even her own mother had cast doubt on her story that the boy’s father had come and taken him. In fact, we later learned Leilani’s mother, Billie Jo Howell, had cooperated with the FBI and helped them to arrest her own daughter.

Now there’s been yet another jaw-dropping twist. Billie Jo has also been arrested!

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According to local outlet WSAV, the 45-year-old grandmother was booked into the Chatham County Detention Center on Monday — but they no one will tell the public why! We know she’s “on hold for the juvenile court system” per jail records, but as for charges, the clerk told WSAV it’s a closed case, and they aren’t allowed to discuss it. They’re citing GA rule of law 2.10, claiming that revealing her alleged crime would “affect a fair trial or hearing.”


We assume they mean her trial. But could it be possible they mean Leilani’s? WSAV has learned Billie Jo was not arrested on charges connected to Quinton’s death. But could whatever she has been charged with be used by her daughter’s defense to muddy the waters? Is that what they mean?

As far as we understand it, being “on hold for the juvenile court system” often means a contempt of court charge. But what’s the context? Which court?? This raises so many new questions…

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As for Billie Jo’s case, what we do know is that she’s being held without bond. That seems pretty serious. And separate from that, in her mugshot (above), she seems to be wearing a suicide protection smock. That’s upsetting. Chatham County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Parla Parker confirmed that detail to NBC News but refused to say any more on the matter, citing HIPAA rights of prisoners.

Well, we hope she’s OK, whatever she was arrested for. Her entire family has been put through an unimaginable tragedy. We don’t know how anyone could handle it.

What do YOU think of this latest development, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Chatham County Sheriffs Office/Chatham County Detention Center.]

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