Quinton Simon Was Beaten To Death ‘With An Object’ Causing ‘Excessive Pain’

Quinton Simon‘s mother has now formally been charged with his murder — and now we finally know what happened to the 20-month-old, at least as far as law enforcement is concerned.

A grand jury indicted Leilani Simon on a whopping 19 charges on Wednesday, including 2 counts of felony murder and 1 count of malice murder for what’s being called the “intentional” death of “Baby Q”.

For those who heard the grandmother’s theory that the toddler died accidentally, drowning in the bathtub while Leilani was “high as hell”? That does not seem to be the case based on the evidence. This is much worse.

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According to the indictment, prosecutors are saying the young mother killed her son intentionally by hitting him “with an object.” She beat him to death. The object is not named, nor was the grand jury even told exactly what it was. But the evidence was clear enough that it caused Quentin “cruel and excessive pain” before his death. The indictment of felony murder reads:

“the accused did maliciously cause her son Quinton Simon, a human being and a child under the age of eighteen years, cruel and excessive physical pain, in a manner unknown to the grand jury at this time, and the accused did, in the commission of this offense, cause Quinton’s death…”

Other charges include concealing the death of another — she allegedly tried to dispose of his body in the dumpster at the Azalea Mobile Home Plaza in the early morning hours of October 5, hours before she herself called the police to report him missing. Now we know why they were searching one landfill in particular — they knew the dumpster.

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She was also charged with false report of a crime — for “implying that Quinton Simon had been abducted by an unknown intruder,” specifically hinting that it was the child’s father, Henry “Bubba” Moss.

The other 14 counts were all for making false statements. According to the 8-page indictment she lied about going to see her drug dealer late the night of October 4, just hours before disposing of Q’s body. According to the docs, she lied to police over and over, over five different interviews. Every individual lie she told police about that night apparently gets its own count, and there you go. 19 counts in total.

District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones announced the charges in a press conference on Wednesday, declaring:

“These are the cases that keep us up at night, these are the cases that need justice… We have the evidence to bring these charges because of the hard work of the investigators, agents and rangers who worked on this case.”

See that full emotional speech (below):

[Image via Chatham County Police Department/Leilani Simon/Instagram.]

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