Quinton Simon Bombshell Interview Clip: Even Leilani’s Own Mother Thinks She’s Lying?!

Police may not be ready to show their cards just yet, but a little digging is giving us more insight into the investigation of Quentin Simon‘s disappearance — and presumed murder.

For those not following the story, the 20-month-old Savannah, Georgia boy was reported missing by his mother, Leilani Simon, three weeks ago on October 5. Sadly, not long after, the case stopped being treated as a missing person’s — as the Chatham County Police Department and FBI announced they believed the child to be dead already. They didn’t say what evidence led them to that conclusion, but it must have been something horrible, enough that they were able to narrow down their search area to a single dumpster and then landfill.

The authorities also revealed they were considering the boy’s mother as the “prime suspect” — and only suspect — in Quinton’s death. Why?

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Well, if the boy’s father is to be believed, Leilani lied to the police. Henry “Bubba” Moss broke his silence on the case this week to tell DailyMail.com that his ex had accused him of taking the child — something he was able to prove to police he couldn’t have done. He’d been 85 miles away in Girard, where he lives, at the time. If that’s true, it means she lied, meaning she probably had a reason to lie. He also said she’d tried to pin crimes on him before.

OK, but that’s just one person AND her ex-boyfriend to boot. Could that be enough?

Well, here’s the thing. Leilani and her mom, Billie Jo Howell, may have been spotted having a good ol’ time last week, allegedly partying at a local bar, doing shots and flirting with guys, but before they were on the same tab, they weren’t exactly on the same page.

Local news station WSAV has been covering the case from the beginning, trying to draw Savannah’s attention to the missing child for help finding him. As part of that story, reporter Brett Buffington spoke with Quinton’s grandparents. It’s quick, but there are some very emotional soundbites about missing and holding the boy. Here’s the story as it aired back on October 6:

But that was just a tiny piece of the full interview. In light of Bubba’s revelations, Buffington went back and found something he remembered from Billie’s interview. She said:

“Leilani’s story doesn’t add up.”

Sorry, WHAT?! She continued:

“I been talking with the baby’s father, with Quentin’s father, all day yesterday. He’s already been questioned, they’ve already went to his job and went to his home, and Quentin’s not there, which, I didn’t think he would be anyway. Why Leilani would even come up with a story like that, I don’t even know.”

WHOA! See for yourself (below)!

If her own mother doesn’t think the story Leilani told police added up, no wonder they zeroed in on her as a suspect right away.

As for why she hasn’t been arrested, we’re sure the police are waiting until they find a body — and they seem certain they will. So upsetting. And we’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this horrifying story…

[Image via WSAV/YouTube/Leilani Simon/Facebook.]

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