Queen Elizabeth’s Friend Held Back Meghan Markle’s Wedding Tiara?!

Prince Harry is certainly giving us answers to questions we never knew we had in his upcoming memoir. But what about the questions we did know we had?

Well, in the Spare excerpts that have come out already, we learned definitively what he thought of the old rumor King Charles wasn’t even his real father. And now we’re getting his inside take on an already classic tale of palace intrigue: the case of the missing wedding tiara!

Those who follow royal drama closely know all about Meghan Markle‘s issues with getting the tiara she wanted for her 2018 wedding. The story goes that Queen Elizabeth said NO to the American actress’ request to wear the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara. She said something about the provenance of the jewelry not being clear — but then she let Princess Eugenie wear the darn thing just five months later at her wedding!

Princess Eugenie emarald tiara
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According to reports, Her Majesty told Harry:

“Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.”

Damn! That tiara was, of course, the Queen Mary Diamond bandeau, which she wore for the big day. But according to Harry, she almost didn’t get that one either!

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In Spare he claims it came down to the wire — on the day of their nuptials, the Queen’s dressmaker couldn’t be found, nor could the tiara! Angela Kelly, Liz’s longtime friend and trusted “dresser and confidant”, was supposed to deliver the piece to Meghan, but she never showed up. Harry writes:

“Meg’s hairdresser had come in from France for the rehearsal and the tiara still wasn’t there.”

He tried calling Angela personally but could not reach her. WTF?!

It wasn’t until the last minute that the dresser “appeared out of thin air” with the bandeau — as well as a release form for him to sign in order to get it from her. He recalls:

“I thanked her, though I added that it would’ve made our lives so much easier to have had it sooner. Her eyes were fire.”

What? Why was she upset? Harry says he could “read in her face” that she was giving him a “clear warning.” But of what?

Was this a power move by the Queen? Delaying getting the jewels to Meghan until the very last minute? To show this TV star just how serious she was about the need to bend the knee? Literally in this case?

Or did Angela herself have a problem with Meghan? Something that caused her not to want to relinquish the royal jewels to be worn on her head in particular? He does make it sound like she personally was angry to give over the tiara. Hmm…

We never thought we’d learn about more Harry and Meghan royal wedding tiara drama all these years later, but damn if we are not here for it! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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