Queen Elizabeth Was Relieved Meghan Markle Did Not Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral!!

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II’s dirty laundry is airing for all the world to see!

It’s no secret Prince Harry’s wife has had years of struggles with the royal family, but a new book is breaking down some of the key points of contention that reportedly ultimately led to Megxit! In Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between The Windsors, author Tom Bower reveals the monarch herself wanted NOTHING to do with Meghan — especially while mourning the loss of her husband, Prince Philip, in April 2021. He also delves into Meghan’s feud with her estranged father, claiming the Queen’s unwanted meddling drove the Suits alum away!

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An excerpt of the yet-to-be-released book, published by London’s The Times on Friday, described the Queen’s reaction when learning Markle would be staying in the US instead of jetting to the UK for the funeral due to her pregnancy. The 96-year-old was thrilled by her absence, he wrote:

“‘Thank goodness Meghan is not coming,’ the monarch said in a clear voice to her trusted aides.”

Dang! As Perezcious readers know, the former actress was instructed to stay at home in California per “doctor’s orders” because she was already seven months pregnant with her daughter Lilibet. Having experienced a miscarriage before, traveling was not worth risking potential complications, a source told Us Weekly at the time:

“Doctors don’t think the stress of it all is worth her risking losing another baby.”

Harry notably attended the funeral even though it was just one month after his and Meghan’s CBS tell-all. He and his brother Prince William caused enough drama at the event when they were noticeably separated by a cousin during the funeral procession. So, considering how divided things have been within the royal family for years, it’s ironic to think they were once meddling in the mom of two’s family turmoil!

Elsewhere in the book, Bower claims that part of the reason Meg and her family ditched the UK was that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles were trying to force her to make amends with her estranged father, Thomas Markle! They even set up a whole ass conference call to discuss the matter! According to the author, weeks after Harry and Meghan’s May 2018 wedding, the Queen and Charles got on a phone call with Meghan and Harry to try to get the 40-year-old to forgive and forget any issues with her dad.

At the time, Thomas said he didn’t attend the wedding because he was embarrassed about staging paparazzi photos, Bower wrote, but her father also criticized the royal family in several interviews, claiming he couldn’t contact his daughter now that she was with the royals… And he feared he’d never get to speak to her again before his death. Meanwhile, Meghan had a completely different story, saying her father, now 77, couldn’t attend the wedding because he was too ill to travel.

Interestingly, with every day that passed that Meghan did nothing to settle the confrontation, Prince Charles grew more frustrated. By July 2018, he was FED UP, Bower wrote:

“He had never really understood her or what she wanted.”

Reasons for a feud ultimately didn’t matter to him because he reportedly told his son, Harry:

“Can’t she just go and see him and make this stop?”

During the conference call with Meghan, Harry, Charles, and the Queen, the Archewell founder told the others that it would be “completely unrealistic” for her to fly to Mexico (where her father’s been living) “and somehow hope to speak privately to [her] father without causing a frenzy of media attention and intrusion that could bring more embarrassment to the royal family.” She’s not wrong!

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Nevertheless, the conference call seems to have changed everything because, within two weeks, the couple announced on Instagram that they would be stepping back from their duties as senior royals. It wasn’t just Meg’s daddy issues that caused a divide with The Firm. Bower notes that the celeb felt sidelined by Kate Middleton, adding:

“Meghan was angry that Palace officials refused to protect her image. She refused to accept that staff were not employed to promote her as an individual, but instead placed her within the grid of the entire royal family. In particular, Meghan fumed about the refusal officially to criticize Thomas Markle. From her perspective, Meghan was isolated, vulnerable and stifled by conventions.”

The plan to leave the UK behind was supposedly hatched after Meghan’s September 2019 issue of British Vogue, which she helped guest edit. It featured 15 women who “reshape society” — and notably didn’t mention the Queen, something that felt like a bombshell to the royal household, Bower noted:

“Meghan’s ‘virtue-signalling Vogue’ was called ‘an epic misjudgment.’”

In November of that year, Meghan was up to her wit’s end with the drama. During a visit with Hillary Clinton at Frogmore Cottage, she “unloaded her anxiety.” Two weeks later, the couple revealed they would not be spending Christmas with the Queen, instead opting to head to Vancouver with Archie (who was born in May of that year). Hmm. Wonder what Hillary said to them!?

Well, whatever it was encouraged Harry and Meghan to dive headfirst into their plans to leave the royal family behind because the Cali native was in talks with her Los Angeles legal and PR teams at that time as they were helping to negotiate her million-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify. According to Bower, she also applied for trademarks for a variety of items (including pens and “emotional support services”).

Meghan’s LA team supposedly got it into her head that she was now famous enough to make a name and living for herself without the help of the monarchy, the author continues:

“Meghan consulted her Los Angeles team about the best terms for their departure from Britain. The encouragement from her Los Angeles advisers was intoxicating. The Sussex brand, Meghan was assured, offered the same global opportunities as those reaped by the Obamas.”

We mean, that seems pretty true! For better or for worse, they are often the ones making headlines the most! A spotlight tends to bring lots of cash and opportunities — and their jaw-droppingly large deals with the various streamers seem to prove that!!

How interesting that the Queen allegedly had such a hand in driving her grandson and his family away, though! No wonder she was relieved Meghan didn’t come home for her hubby’s funeral — they clearly do NOT see eye-to-eye on a lot! Plus, it doesn’t seem like they were ever going to accept the actress for who she is. Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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