Priscilla Presley Calls Bam Margera A Liar After He Claimed She Gave Him Elvis’ Ring!

Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera’s friendship was apparently very short-lived!

If you didn’t know, the pair shocked the internet last week when they met up for lunch alongside Priscilla’s son Navarone Garcia, who was the first to befriend the Jackass star. After the gathering, Bam took to Instagram to share several photos and videos of his time with Priscilla. Several days later, he claimed Priscilla gifted him a ring and robe that used to belong to Elvis Presley — but now the actress is calling him a liar!

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According to TMZ on Tuesday, Bam told them Priscilla gave him some of Elvis’ belongings during lunch. He said he was going to pass the robe along to his father, Phil Margera, who is a big Elvis fan, and gifted the ring to musician Yelawolf, who he considers the new king of Rock ‘n Roll. Yelawolf even gushed about receiving the bling on IG — take a look:

Well, he’ll be bummed to know the history of the ring was all made up!

Clapping back at the reports, the Presley matriarch insisted the TV personality made the whole thing up — and in doing so, he betrayed her and her son. According to the 77-year-old, she and Bam had never met before the photographed luncheon. Instead, Navarone had asked her to have a “new friend” come for a visit and she didn’t know it was Bam “or that later he would choose to post photos and false stories.” She recalled their interaction:

“[He] came over, talked non-stop about his new ventures and personal struggles, and asked for a photo with me for his father, who is a big fan.”

But while at her residence, the skateboarder broke her trust several times, such as by filming without her consent and sharing the photos online, she explained:

“Unbeknownst to us at the time, Bam chose to circulate those photos accompanied by false information and storytelling. After what Bam has chosen to do, my son and I want no further communication with him. I consider him a dishonest and unstable individual. I had no idea who he was or that he was filming in my home without my consent.”


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Her team went on to insist the robe did not belong to Elvis and that the ring was actually one of Bam’s! Insisting she’d never be so careless with the late singer’s things, she added:

“At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis’. I still have everything he ever touched. I would never disrespect Elvis who was the love of my life by giving away anything that belonged to him. I have always protected them for the fans. Elvis belonged to all of you and I cherish my life with him too much to ever squander anything.”

This news comes amid reports that Bam has fallen off the wagon amid his sobriety battle. To this, Priscilla said she hopes he “gets the help he needs and does what is right.” It looks like the Viva La Bam star is already trying to make amends.

Just hours after The Naked Gun alum put his lies on blast, the 43-year-old took to the ‘gram to apologize to both Priscilla and Navarone — but he didn’t exactly walk back all his claims. While sharing how sorry he is, Bam claimed Navarone gifted him the robe and ring, saying:

“I want to apologize to @priscillapresley and Navarone Presley for my behavior. I’m very sorry and embarrassed, and I can’t apologize enough for acting like a jackass. Navarone gave me a robe and ring that I gave Phil to be a part of Phil’s Elvis stuff. I’m making Navarone a $10,000 Heartagram necklace because I love his band @themguns with hopes to record and tour. I’m sorry.”

While it seems like he’s going to try to salvage his friendship with Navarone, Priscilla told the outlet both she and the 35-year-old musician are done with the stunt performer. Oof. So sad to see how this all played out. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram]

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