Princess Catherine ‘Outraged And Hurt’ By Explosive Claims In Prince Harry’s Spare!

Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton is allegedly very upset with the contents of Prince Harry‘s explosive forthcoming memoir Spare. So much so, in fact, that she is to the point of being “outraged and hurt.” Yikes!

That’s the claim being made by royal family expert and author Tom Bower, at least. The noted royal journalist, who penned Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, spoke to Page Six about the lay of the land for Princess Catherine and her husband Prince William right now. Of course, this comes as they get ready for the release of Harry’s book on Tuesday.

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Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know there has been a TON of crazy s**t revealed already from within Spare. Heck, just on Monday alone, we reported on key details about a vicious set of text messages sent between Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle.

The texts, as we noted, came about in the lead-up to Meghan’s wedding to Harry back in May 2018. Earlier that month, Catherine texted the Suits alum because young Princess Charlotte‘s dress was “too baggy” and didn’t fit properly. The texts quickly turned tense. As Harry revealed in his memoir, Meghan was left in tears “on the floor” after the exchange. And that’s not all! Harry also revealed key details about Meghan’s infamous “baby brain” comment directed at Princess Catherine — and this came not long after she gave birth to Prince Louis. So basically, wedding planning was a very tense time for the two women. Yeesh!

Well now, we know how Prince William’s wife feels about all this being revealed to the public in Spare this week. And it ain’t good!! Bower spoke to Page Six about the memoir on Monday evening. Specifically noting Princess Catherine’s reaction to the tell-all book’s contents, he said the 41-year-old Queen-to-be is “outraged and hurt” over Harry’s forthright revelations.

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According to Bower, a major issue here is the timeline in which Harry wrote the book. The author claimed Spare was already finished by the time Harry attended Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral last September. So, Harry showed up in London and mourned alongside Catherine, William, and King Charles while not tipping them off about what was to come in the memoir.

Bower called that act “grotesquely gutter” and “disgraceful,” according to the news outlet. The royal expert added:

“The deception of Harry at the Queen’s funeral knowing what he’d written about Kate and William and his father, without giving a hint of what was to come, it’s just unbelievable.”

Bower also appeared to tease — or at least guess at — potential future projects in the works for the Duchess of Sussex.

Intimating that there may be more revelations to come in the distant future, Page Six noted the expert is already wondering whether “Markle may also have a tell-all tome in the works.”

Bower went on record to add:

“This is the way they’re going to make their money for some time now.”

Interesting!! That’s Howard Stern‘s argument about Harry and Meghan, too… for whatever that’s worth.

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Still, what do U think about the strife this memoir is causing for Princess Catherine and the rest of the royal family, Perezcious readers??

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